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Because innovation and creation are always at the top of our minds, we’ve managed to create yet another gorgeous, blooming floral design that will captivate your eyes in just a matter of seconds. Watch out because this bouquet is ready to conquer your hearts with a dose of twenty pink fancy double tulips, five blue iris, three Matricaria daisies and to top this perfect bouquet off, you’ll be receiving four pink Lisi as well.
What does a magical dream of flowers look like? You’re staring at it.
To ensure that your flowers will last for as long as possible, they're shipped from our farms as fresh buds and will arrive with care instructions, which will allow them to bloom perfectly 2 - 3 days after delivery. Flowers are here to elevate your life, make this bouquet yours today!

Each bouquet’s flower selection and stem count will vary every other week offering you the freshest, most seasonable blooms available.

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