Summer is finally here!

No matter how old you are, it’s hard not to be excited for the summer. When you’re in school, summer means a vacation. When you’re an adult, summer also brings about a sense of freedom. Summer means barbecues, 4th of July, relaxing by the pool, and of course, some of the most gorgeous flowers available! You can keep cool with stunning flowers all season long with the freshest blooms from BloomsyBox.

There’s a perfect flower for every occasion, and we at BloomsyBox are dedicated to helping you find it. Below you can find our all-encompassing summer flower guide as well as tips and tricks for having an awesome summer. Whether you’re playing the ultimate host or just looking for a season of chill, we have a few ideas to make your summer the best it can be.

For the person leaving town for the summer…

For an entire summer at BloomsyBox check out our 3-month flower of the month subscription. This subscription is perfect for a number of different occasions. If someone you love is going away for the summer, you can send the flower of the month subscription as a gift to make them feel at home away from home. If you’re going out of town for the summer, you can also enjoy a flower subscription. This way no matter where you go, our vibrant, hand-wrapped bouquets will bring a smile to your face.

Alternatively, if you’re staying put this season but simply feel like adding flowers to your home, you can still treat yourself to a subscription package! Our fresh cut, hand-wrapped bouquets are guaranteed to last longer than your average grocery store floral purchase. So go ahead and indulge – that’s what summer is for!

Which flower should i choose?

If you’d rather purchase an individual bouquet as opposed to one of our subscription packages, BloomsyBox has a vast selection of in-demand flowers you can purchase on a bouquet-by-bouquet basis. Each of our bouquets is comprised of single variety, fresh cut, hand wrapped blooms that will take your summer to the next level. What kind of flower you want all depends on what kind of summer you’re looking for…

For a summer of serenity...

If you’ve had a crazy year and you just want to wind down this summer, we understand where you’re coming from. This calls for subtle, calming blooms. To add a level of peace to your home, search for simple blooms in more neutral colors. White lilies are a perfect example. Our Intensity bouquet is comprised of 12 timeless white lilies. The flowers are beautiful, but simple. Their elegance will be sure to add tranquility to your home. For a summer of fun…

Maybe you’ve had a buttoned up couple of seasons and you’re ready to let loose. Think bold colors that say, “I’m ready to have fun!” If that sounds like you, look no further than our Lovely bouquet . Our artistic Lovely bouquet is made up of bright pink mini callas that will take any room from “meh” to “wow!” Although your mini callas will arrive as closed buds (to ensure long life), they’ll bloom into whimsically shaped petals that will delight you and bring plenty of oomph into your home.

For a summer of adventure...

Check out our Delighted bouquet . If you want to expect the unexpected, go with an arrangement that’s equally unique. Made up of stunning dark purple mini callas, the Delighted bouquet is hardly your run of the mill bunch of blooms. The rich and natural violet color, combined with the mini callas’ special bell shape, make the Delighted bouquet a true winner for the person looking to really do their own thing this warm, sunny season.

For a summer of good vibes...

You need a bouquet that’s equally positive. Perhaps you’ve had a rough year and want this season to be a turning point. Or maybe you’ve had a fantastic year and want to keep the happiness coming. Either way, our Cheerfulness [link] and Sunshine [link] bouquets will fill your home with the positivity you’re craving. The Cheerfulness bouquet is made up of yellow alstroemerias – the flower of friendship, while the Sunshine bouquet includes 20 stunning yellow gerbera daisies. You can even get both bouquets and mix them up as you please! These arrangements are also perfect to hand out as a gift to someone who really needs a reason to smile.

Summer floral barbecue buffet

If you’ve ever hosted a barbecue before, you know that they can get a little… hectic. Sometimes people arrive with a million requests (chicken! Turkey burgers! Veggie burgers!), and often when you’re grilling, people will get hungry waiting. Avoid the barbecue madness with a pre-planned buffet.

Instead of grilling when people arrive, have everything already pre-cooked. You can have hot dogs, hamburgers, a vegetarian option, and maybe a poultry or fish option. If you’d like people to have a say in what you’re making, call up your guests beforehand and take requests. An hour before your guests are due to arrive, prepare the food. If you’re concerned about your grill fixings going cold, you can keep them on a hot plate to retain warmth. In addition to the main dishes, you can have sides (like potatoes and salads) set aside, as well.

Set all of your dishes out on plates. If you have foods that look similar (for instance: turkey and veggie burgers), write down what each dish is on a piece of paper and put the label near the food. Now, here’s the kicker: To make your buffet truly beautiful, color-code each dish with…

A flower!

That’s right, next to each dish, have one particular flower. For instance, burgers can have a red rose, mashed potatoes a purple orchid, etc. If you’re having people arrive with diet restrictions, such as gluten or nuts, or vegetarians, you can have a certain color of flower correspond to all the “safe” dishes. For instance, for every dish that’s gluten-free, you can place a yellow daisy next to it. This way, people aren’t hounding you all throughout the barbecue to check if the food is safe for them to eat.

Doing 4th of july in style

Between fireworks and heaps of food, flowers often get overlooked as an important part of the 4th of July celebration. But why should they, when there are so many stunning red and white flowers? When it comes to red flowers, there are tons! Red roses [LINK] and daisies are two obvious choices, while white roses [LINK], lilies [LINK], and orchids are a few stunning options.

While blue is a bit more of an unusual color, there is at least one naturally “blue” flower – the hydrangea! Hydrangeas come in both pink and blue, but you shouldn’t have a huge issue locating some blue hydrangeas. You also have the option of buying dyed blue flowers, or wrapping a red and white flower arrangement with a blue ribbon.

Mixing your own arrangement can be fun and it adds a nice personal touch – especially if you’re giving this bouquet as a gift. If you want, feel free to include a few red, white, and blue wrapped chocolates – they’ll be the icing on the cake.


Summer is a time of fun, so don’t overstress or overthink much. Even if you’re swamped with work, it’s important to cut yourself a break and be good to yourself. Surround yourself with good friends, yummy food, and of course, gorgeous blooms.


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