Congratulations to the graduate

Whether it’s from high school, college, or even graduate school, graduations are filled with happiness and relief. All of the hard work has finally paid off and the lucky graduate is now moving on to the next step. Having graduations take place in Spring often leads to beautiful outdoor ceremonies featured on gorgeous green lawns of expansive campuses. Add to the sparkle of the day by presenting your star graduate with a bouquet for the books.

Flowers are gorgeous, but it’s important to gift your graduate a bouquet that reflects their personality. You may immediately be drawn to the biggest, brightest bouquet, but what if your graduate is a more soft-spoken, subtle person? Perhaps an arrangement of pearly white lilies might be more appropriate. Don’t worry: BloomsyBox has blooms for every kind of graduate, and we’ll help you figure out which set is right for yours.

Making the move just a little bit easier

For many graduates, a big move is on the rise. For high school graduates, the big step of going off to college may be just around the corner. College students may be moving to another city, or even country, to pursue jobs or more education. Moving is always difficult, especially if it’s far from home.

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Flower guide for your graduate

Don’t show up to the big day empty handed! Instead, give your graduate the perfect bouquet to fit their personality. Not sure where to start? We got you.

For the academic overachiever…

This person has gone above and beyond. High grades and maybe an extracurricular club or three have made their college experience over the top – in a good way. You need a bouquet that’s equally bright, flashy, and exceptional. Try our Poetry arrangement. The Poetry bouquet is made up of ten stunning orange mini calla lilies. Mini callas are unique in and of themselves, but the electric orange color takes this arrangement to new heights. Surprise your academic superstar with the Poetry bouquet today.

For the free spirit…

The Delighted bouquet is the winner. This arrangement is made up of dark purple mini calla lilies. These are no ordinary flowers. They’re unusual, rich color is head turning – just like your graduate. If you want to find the ideal gift for a person who’s always creative and doing the unexpected, the Delighted bouquet fits the bill. Unlike “black roses,” these dark mini callas are all natural. Their beautiful color is the product of nature, not dyes. Shop the Delighted bouquet here.

For the positive thinker…

Pour on the pure sunshine. If your graduate is special enough to be a person who’s usually smiling through all of life’s ups and downs, you need a bouquet that reflects that positivity. Our Sunshine bouquet is comprised of twenty breathtaking yellow gerbera daisies that radiate applause and enthusiasm. Celebrate your graduate’s sparkle with the Sunshine bouquet today. Shop the Sunshine bouquet here.

For the graduate who’s feeling a little nervous…

You’ll need a bouquet that offers encouragement. Let’s face it: graduating can be a little scary. Well, a lot scary. But it’s important to address the anxiety instead of trying to sweep it under the rug. Write your graduate a note that shows you understand why they’re nervous, and while you can’t make all of those nerves disappear, you can be there for them. A sincere card, accompanied by the Cheerfulness bouquet, should be a smile to your graduates face. The Cheerfulness bouquet is made of 20 vibrant yellow alstroemerias – the flower of friendship. Be a true friend, and give your graduate the gift of Cheerfulness. Shop the Cheerfulness bouquet here.

For the kindest graduate you know…

Opt for the Big Hearted bouquet. If you’re congratulating someone who spent their time in school being kind to others, volunteering, or just generally being a good person, these gentle pink and white roses are perfect. This arrangement is made up of a whopping 24 roses, so it’s anything but skimpy. Kindness really does pay off, and the Big Hearted bouquet is proof. Show your graduate they’re the best with these fresh roses. Shop the Big Hearted bouquet here.

For the graduate who also happens to be a special someone…

Your sweetheart is graduating. Maybe you’re graduating together, maybe you’re just watching from the sidelines. Either way, there’s a lot of pressure for this arrangement to be top notch. Give your most sincere congratulations with the Romance bouquet. The Romance bouquet is a classic arrangement made up of twelve long-stemmed red roses. Red roses have been equated with love for a reason: they’re simply stunning. Our roses arrive in-bud, so they’re extra fresh and guaranteed to last longer than your average grocery store purchase. Sweep your graduate off their feet with these beautiful roses today. Shop the Romance bouquet here.

And when you want to upgrade that romance…

The Fascination bouquet is here. The Fascination bouquet is made up of the same top quality red roses as the Romance bouquet. The only difference? There are twice the number of blooms! If you’re ready to go all out for your graduate, 24 red roses will certainly do the trick. Shop the Fascination bouquet here.

For the graduate who’s exquisite…

Did your graduate turn down the ramen and prefer to spend school cooking themselves elaborate meals and being best dressed? Orchids are the ideal bloom. Our arrangement of lovely purple orchids is called the Hidden Love, but there’s nothing hidden about the beauty of these flowers. Rich in color and ultra-refined, the orchids in the Hidden Love bouquet will be wonderful for the graduate who has impeccable taste and only loves the best of the best. Shop the Hidden Love bouquet here.

Presenting a bouquet in a new way

In addition to giving your graduation a bouquet, it’s also common to present them with a flower necklace. Many schools give their graduates flower necklaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t, as well! Choose the right bloom according to the flower guide above, and then follow our instructions to give your graduate a floral gift they’ll wear all night.

What you’ll need:

  • A large needle
  • Thread
  • Flower blooms trimmed from their stems
  1. Thread the needle. Make sure there are a few inches (4-5) after the knot so you’re able to tie the necklace.
  2. Push the needle through the center of each bloom. Go one by one until you have a whole necklace.
  3. When you have enough flowers, tie the ends of the thread together. Cut off excess string and voila, you have a flower necklace fit for royalty! Or, in this case, a very special graduate.

Full tutorial found on WikiHow!


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