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There was a time when the word “subscription” only applied to newspapers and magazines, and the idea of subscribing to gifts, flowers, books, beauty products, even underwear would sound completely far-fetched!

Those days are gone! From flowers to meal kits to shaving products and everything else in between, there’s a box for that. Subscription boxes have exploded in popularity for many reasons.

The Element of Surprise

Many types of subscription boxes integrate the element of surprise--delivering a new mystery-box of goodies straight to the customer’s door every week or month. BloomsyBox flower subscription boxes, for instance, contain a new variety of flowers each month, sent straight from family-owned flower farms to the recipient’s doorstep. With each shipment, the recipient has no idea what’s in the box--making for a delightful surprise.

A Touch of Luxury

BloomsyBox flower subscription boxes add a touch of luxury to an otherwise ordinary day. What’s better than opening up a box bursting with big, beautiful blooms that become more beautiful each day? Our boxes are often so full of blooms that many customers split up the bunch into several smaller flower arrangements. Ask any interior decorator--nothing adds a touch of luxury to a space quicker and easier than fresh flowers!

Treat Yourself

As a society, we tend to always place the needs and wants of others before our own. However, at what cost? Studies show that treating yourself to small indulgences, such as beautiful fresh flowers each month, can instantly improve mood and lessen stress. One reason why monthly subscription boxes have exploded in popularity so much in recent years is due to that “treat yourself” mindset. By gifting yourself with your own fresh flower subscription box, you are giving yourself a much-deserved gift on a monthly or weekly basis.

Treat Others

By gifting a BloomsyBox flower subscription, you will put a smile on the recipient’s face each time they see our box on their doorstep. Skip the generic gift card; subscription boxes like the BloomsyBox flower subscription box have skyrocketed in popularity for gift giving. Each time your recipient receives their flower subscription box and unpacks their beautiful farm-fresh flowers, they will think of you! Although our flower subscription boxes make popular gifts for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and more, they also make the perfect “anytime” gift.

Avoid Wasting Money At The Supermarket

When you purchase fresh flowers from a grocery store, there’s a reason they don’t last long and look like they’ve seen better days--it’s because they have! Most supermarket flowers have been sitting in distribution centers around for several days before being transported to stores. Instead of wasting money on sub-par grocery store flowers that are in poor condition don’t last, each BloomsyBox flower subscription box contains only farm-fresh flowers that are delivered from the farm to your door in only a few days.

Promote Sustainability

At BloomsyBox, we believe in growing the flowers the right way--which means being grown without the use toxic chemicals.  BloomsyBox also only works with flower farms that focus on fair working conditions and only grow rainforest alliance-certified flowers..By purchasing a flower subscription from BloomsyBox, you are supporting family-owned farms that grow flowers in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner.

Discover New Favorites

Do you stick to the same lilies or carnations every time you buy fresh flowers? A flower subscription box is a perfect way to discover new types of flowers you may have never considered. Our floral designer picks only the most gorgeous blooms each month. See for yourself how cheerful Gerberas brighten a space, or how soft blue hydrangeas lend a touch of old-fashioned romance.

Why BloomsyBox Flower Subscriptions?

Unlike many flower companies, BloomsyBox controls the entire experience. From working closely with flower farms during the breeding and growing process to making sure that customers have fun learning about new varieties, we are not your average flower seller. We care about every single box ships out and make sure that not only the very freshest, highest quality flowers end up on our customers’ doorsteps.

Most flower delivery companies simply receive the flowers from whatever source of origin allows for the best margins to them--then the flowers sit around in warehouses, making multiple stops around the country before arriving to the end customer, where they sit around again--usually for days--until the consumer receives them.

As you can imagine, this does not make for fresh or high-quality flowers. It makes for smaller blooms, less beautiful flowers, and a shorter vase life.

Point of Origin

The majority of flower companies are only involved in receiving the flowers and shipping. However, at BloomsyBox we only work with the finest flower farms--and that begins with our farm selection process, a very rigorous process. We tour every flower farm we are considering working with personally to ensure that our entire checklist of criteria is met.

A few aspects we examine:

The breeding process - Think of breeding flowers in the same way as you think of breeding dogs. To ensure the finest bloodline, dog breeders carefully select the dogs they want to breed and use a detailed list of criteria. They look at things like bone structure, muscle mass, lifespan, agility, health factors, demeanor and behavior--even how straight a dog’s teeth are!

When it comes to breeding flowers, quality flower breeders will operate in a similar way.

A few things that quality flower breeders take into account:

-Appearance - in basic terms, how beautiful are the flowers during every step of the blooming process?

-Resistance to disease - How likely is the variety to resist

bacteria, viruses and fungi?

-Pests - Even in a highly controlled environment, pest outbreaks can occur. Flower varieties need to be resilient to withstand this.

-Hardiness - Can the variety take the standard wear and tear that can occur during travel time--even if it is short in nature?

-Wilting - How likely is the variety to wilt easily?

-Vase life - How long does the variety live once in a customer’s care? How does the variety compare to competitors’ blooms?

For most flower varieties, quality flower breeders will meticulously look at even the most  miniscule details during the planning process. In addition to the factors above, elements such as growth habit, flower shape and form, color, shape are taken into account when beginning the breeding process. Selective crossing, breeder-induced mutations and molecular breeding and selections are a few components.

After this entire process, the “parents” are selected, seedlings are planted and the entire process takes place again, this time with the young plants.


Just like dog breeders do in order to create new breeds, flower and plant breeders create new breeds by working on a process called cross-breeding to create new varieties. The process of cross-breeding involves transferring the male pollen from one parent plant's flower onto the female reproductive part of the other parent, female flower in order to create new flower breeds. Just like other varieties, new varieties go through the entire testing process.


Before we travel to tour prospective farms we are thinking of working together with, we go through an extensive selection process. After extensive testing on the farm side, and we have selected a farm we are interested in, we begin the testing process on our side. We receive samples and begin testing the flowers thoroughly.

We test the flowers under various different conditions--such as different temperatures, travel time, and care. For example, how do the flowers hold up with recommended care--changing the water daily and cutting the stems? But, in addition, we also test how long they will withstand sub-par care practices, such as sitting in direct sunlight.

Once we are satisfied with how they perform in terms of hardiness, appearance and vase life, we make the decision to travel to the farm to see for ourselves if we want to move forward with them.

We look at breeding practices, growing conditions, facilities, and more. Additionally, we make sure the farm we are interested in is Rainforest Alliance certified and the flowers are sustainably sourced using ethical practices. If we are completely satisfied, then it’s time to sell flowers!

Fresh From The Farm

One of the things that we pride ourselves and makes us so unique is that are flowers are not only the most beautiful, but they are the freshest. Unlike other flower delivery companies, we do not store our flowers in trucks and huge warehouses where they are not cared for properly and thus the conditions are deteriorating, in turn making the flowers last a shorter duration and causing them to be sub-par. Our flowers are cut from the flower farms and shipped directly to our customers’ doorsteps within 2-5 days. In contrast, many flower delivery companies deliver flowers that have been sitting around for up to two weeks.

Rainforest Alliance Certified


Rainforest Alliance Certified flowers and plants must comply with very strict requirements mandated by the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agricultural Standard. In addition to solely applying to environmental guidelines, Rainforest Alliance Certified farms must adhere to social and economic standards. A few pillars include conservation of biodiversity elements, positive and improved livelihoods and well-being of workers at the farm, natural resource conservation, sustainable growing practices, and positive farm management.

Farms that are Rainforest Alliance Certified are audited on a frequent basis in order to ensure they are still meeting the strict standards.

By only working with these Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, we make sure that we are contributing to the constant improvement and evolution of the flower growing practices.


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