Thanksgiving Flowers


There are so many reasons to love Autumn! Once that first breeze begins hitting signalling the upcoming arrive, it’s exciting to think about everything incredible about Autumn.

In addition to the food, holidays, and the beautiful change in the leaves around us, one of the most wonderful things about Fall is the way we decorate our homes. And of course, Thanksgiving and Halloween are highlights of the season and the perfect time to bring Fall style into your home with Thanksgiving flower arrangements and fun Halloween flower decor as well.

Decorating your home with the spirit of Autumn is easy, and one of the easiest ways to bring Fall into your home is with flowers.There are so many beautiful flowers peak in the Fall every year, and their rich hues and interesting textures will instantly give any room that true Autumn aura.


Thanksgiving Flowers

Types of Thanksgiving Flowers


When it comes to Thanksgiving flowers, there are more ways to decorate aside from just placing Fall flowers on the Thanksgiving table. There are many different types of arrangements, vessels, and places to display the gorgeous Fall blooms. Vessels that work well for fall flowers tend to lean towards being rustic. Vases like mason jars & those that look like pitchers are popular choices. Adorning basic vases with things like burlap, wood and jute cord are common DIY projects for Thanksgiving flower arrangements.

Flowers for Thanksgiving

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The best way to get the perfect gift is to have the professionals curate a selection for you!

Here at Blooms,Box, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best blooms in beautiful bouquets from our farm partners (who are all Rainforest Alliance certified and sustainable). Let us build a very special custom bouquet for you every month that your spouse will love! We promise it will always be unique and one-of-a-kind - and also that you'll enjoy it, guaranteed.

Our bouquets feature hand-tied arrangements that typically focus on a single type of flower that inspires us for the month. It arrives thoughtfully arranged with greenery that highlights the beauty of the featured flower and is designed to last in a vase for weeks.

For another gift idea, why not send her a bouquet that reminds you of your special day? BloomsyBox offers many one-of-a-kind flowers that she may have picked for your wedding, or even the colors of the wedding brought to life in a stunning arrangement. To see our single-stem bouquets, click here.

Flowers in the Home for Thanksgiving


Everyone says that the kitchen is the heart of the home--and at any gathering, we can always count on everyone ending up there! Use festive Thanksgiving flowers on kitchen counters and islands for an instant Autumn vibe.

Dining Room

Thanksgiving flower arrangements make the ideal Thanksgiving dinner table centerpiece! Big, full Fall flower arrangements work best for a large table, although small bud vases filled with a few stems of Autumn flowers such as chrysanthemums also look elegant yet rustic.

Family Room

Placing small Fall flower arrangements places like end tables add an informal touch of Thanksgiving to common areas like the Family room. Flowers like Sunflowers are cheerful and festive, perfect for Thanksgiving gatherings.

Guest rooms

It’s always nice to add personal, lovely touches for your Thanksgiving guests. Things like extra fluffy towels, fragrant candles and of course pretty flowers are things that add a nice touch for your holiday guests. Small flower arrangements or bud vases filled with single roses in festive colors like yellow or orange add a pretty & cheerful touch to your guest rooms.


Have you ever noticed when you are out to eat that some restaurants place small flower arrangements or bud vases with a few stems of flowers in the bathrooms? Placing fresh flowers in a bathroom adds a pretty touch, especially during special times like Thanksgiving or Christmas, when more people are in the home.


Patios and other outdoor areas like verandas are beautiful areas to display Fall flowers. In areas with mild climates, people often enjoy the brisk weather and breezes by relaxing or dining outside. Adding Fall flowers is a lovely addition to any outdoor living area.


In homes with a foyer or entryway, there is often a small table that people can place their keys or mail upon. Since this is the first place your guests see once you open the door, this is a nice place for a small arrangement of Fall flowers.

Give a Gift

For an extra special gift, Martha Stewart has curated a monthly collection of her favorite roses in stunning, unique colors that you won't easily find anywhere else. She handpicked a rose for every month of the year, so why not let the style maven herself style a beautiful collection for your special someone for the whole year?

Giving and Receiving Flowers During Autumn

Having fresh flowers in your home on a regular basis is a surefire way to bring cheer! Flower of the month club BloomsyBox sends subscribers flowers regularly, whether it be weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly. Since the flowers are seasonal and every month is a surprise, it is a fun and easy way to bring Autumn into your home during the Fall season.

Flower subscription boxes make popular gifts, and for good reason! Do you know anyone with a Fall birthday? Flowers make the ideal gift! One of the great things about giving a flower subscription is that every time a shipment arrives, be it weekly or monthly, the recipient will think of you.

Since every BloomsyBox is seasonal, you can be sure that Thanksgiving-types of flowers will show up in a Fall BloomsyBox!

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  • Flowers in the dining room for thanksgiving
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  • Flowers in the Entryway/foyer for thanksgiving
  • Flowers in the Family Room for thanksgiving

Types of Thanksgiving Flowers

Want to add a unique touch to Thanksgiving flower arrangements?

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Sunflowers spread sunshine! They are one of the most common Fall flowers and look great in any garden or Thanksgiving flower arrangement.  Their bright yellow petals and rustic look make them the perfect flower for fall. A big bunch of Sunflowers look beautiful on their own! They look great in a large Mason jar or other rustic-looking type of vessel. In flower arrangements with other Fall flowers and foliage, they stand out as the attraction. If you are finding that the heads of your Sunflowers are making them tilt over, look for a vase that has a narrow opening at the top. 


Chrysanthemums are classic Fall flowers, and are extremely commonly used in Fall flower arrangements, as well as on their own. There are all kinds of colors, sizes, petal styles and textures when it comes to Mums. Spider Mums are a unique type of Chrysanthemum. Available in Autumn shades like yellow and burgundy, their thin, long petals add texture to flower arrangements. Mums also look wonderful on their own. An added bonus? Their exceptionally long vase life!


Roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day! In Autumn, there are several types and shades that look beautiful in Thanksgiving flower arrangements. Roses in colors like yellows, reds, oranges, burgundies, roses are especially Fall-esque. Leave them long and place in a trumpet vase for an elegant look, or cut them short for a more rustic feel. 


Fresh as a Daisy! Simple yet beautiful daisies look great anywhere! Combined with different types of flowers like Sunflowers, Mums and Roses, along with seasonal fillers like grasses or Goldenrod--or, used on their own--Daisies are the perfect Fall flower and perfect for Thanksgiving flower arrangements.


Everyone loves Hydrangeas! The classic, chic elegance that they lend to floral arrangements make Hydrangeas a popular choice in all kinds of floral arrangements--for all 4 seasons. Available in shades ranging from white to light purple to the traditional blue, Hydrangeas are very versatile. For Fall-themed floral arrangements and Thanksgiving flowers, white and green shades are most commonly used, as opposed to the blue Hydrangea that is often used more often in Spring or Summer.

Gerbera daisies

Gerbera--a.k.a Gerber daisies-with their  ultra-vibrant colors and fun petal shape make them a favorite in Autumn. Available in bright shades of yellow, red, coral and orange, they are perfect for Autumn! Since they are so bright and show-stealing, it is often best to use them on their own instead of placing in other Thanksgiving flower arrangements.


Goldenrod, officially called Solidago, is considered a weed in many parts of the world. What a beautiful weed! A popular choice as a filler in Thanksgiving flower arrangements, interestingly, these flowers look amazing and very festive on their own in a simple vase. They are a perfect match for Thanksgiving!

Grasses & Amaranth

Using grasses & Amaranth in flower arrangements is a great way to add a rustic, natural flair to your flower arrangement. Many grasses add height and texture to floral arrangements. Amaranth, subtly beautiful, also looks wonderful in Thanksgiving arrangements. There are several different varieties of Amaranth, some in shades of deep red, that work well in Fall flower arrangements.

Leaves and Branches

Want to add a unique touch to Thanksgiving flower arrangements? Just go outside! Items such as branches and leaves look amazing in Autumn flower arrangements.. Oak and sweetgum tree branches cut from the yard add texture and height. The classic symbol of Fall, the maple leaf, is a stunning standout in floral arrangements. If you don’t have a backyard--or live in an area where these types of trees do not grow--there are several other ways to find branches for your arrangements. Try looking online to start.

Flowers for thanksgiving

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