Mother's Day Flowers & Gifts


Have you ever wondered why Mother’s Day is celebrated in so many cultures around the world?

The holiday of Mother’s Day, and many of its traditions, goes back all the way to the eighteenth century, when it was called “Mothering Sunday”; however, the custom of designating time specifically to celebrate mothers can be traced all the way back to the Greeks and Romans. 

Making Mother’s Day special for Mom is more about intentions than about spending a ton of money. Heartfelt gifts like homemade cards, breakfast in bed and beautiful fresh Mother's Day flower bouquets are much more meaningful than blowing your budget on flashy jewelry.

Mother's Day Flowers & Gifts

Here are some ideas for how to make your Mom feel special on Mother's Day.


There is a reason why Mother’s Day is such a popular holiday for sending fresh flowers. Receiving beautiful is a surefire way to feel appreciated. Taking the gesture of sending fresh flowers up quite a few notches, flower subscriptions have increased in popular by leaps and bounds. By sending Mom fresh flowers every single week or month, you are giving a beautiful gift that keeps on giving--and will instantly put a smile on her face.

Mother's Day Flowers & Gifts

Types of Flowers Moms Love

No matter what your mom's personality or style, there are flowers that she will love!

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The best way to get the perfect gift is to have the professionals curate a selection for you!

Here at Blooms,Box, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best blooms in beautiful bouquets from our farm partners (who are all Rainforest Alliance certified and sustainable). Let us build a very special custom bouquet for you every month that your spouse will love! We promise it will always be unique and one-of-a-kind - and also that you'll enjoy it, guaranteed.

Our bouquets feature hand-tied arrangements that typically focus on a single type of flower that inspires us for the month. It arrives thoughtfully arranged with greenery that highlights the beauty of the featured flower and is designed to last in a vase for weeks.

For another gift idea, why not send her a bouquet that reminds you of your special day? BloomsyBox offers many one-of-a-kind flowers that she may have picked for your wedding, or even the colors of the wedding brought to life in a stunning arrangement. To see our single-stem bouquets, click here.

Mother's Day History

Why do we give mother's day flowers?

Ever since it being introduced as an officially designated holiday back in 1912, families have bestowed their mothers with Mother's Day flowers, cards and gifts to show their appreciation. In addition to making sweet gestures such as the tradition of making Mom breakfast in bed each year and spending quality time together, sending flowers has become more popular than any other gift as a gesture to show love.


Americans spend an average of $176.63 each year on Mother’s Day gifts and two thirds of shoppers buy flowers for their moms, according to the National Retail Federation.


Because it is held on the second Sunday in May, during the height of Springtime, many attribute the popularity of giving fresh flowers to the seasonality of the holiday. Additionally, flowers in general are seen by many cultures of a sign of fertility and life.


Besides this theory, it certainly helps the popularity of flower gifts that as a mostly universal manner, mothers around the world love receiving fresh flowers and displaying them around their home of office.


A popular way to send flowers that has gained in popularity in recent years with the launch of BloomsyBox is flower subscriptions. As subscription boxes of all kinds exploded in popularity as gift ideas--weekly or monthly subscriptions running the gamut from wine to makeup and including everything else in between--giving a regular flower subscription as a gift made perfect sense. Coming home to something special in the mail delivered on their doorstep each week or month is a constant reminder to the recipient of how much they mean to the gift giver.


Combining the concept of a regular subscription bon with flowers, BloomsyBox is unique in that they send weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription boxes from only sustainable, fair-trade flower farms around the world. By sourcing only the best and freshest flowers straight from these farms, BloomsyBox cuts out the middleman, thus delivering a fresher product, with all flowers being delivered no more than 4 days of being picked from the farm.

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For an extra special gift, Martha Stewart has curated a monthly collection of her favorite roses in stunning, unique colors that you won't easily find anywhere else. She handpicked a rose for every month of the year, so why not let the style maven herself style a beautiful collection for your special someone for the whole year?

How To Choose Mother's Day Flowers

While each mom is different and has their own unique personality, all moms love to receive flowers! Whether your mother loves unique, exotic alluring flowers like tropical bouquets bursting with bright pink mini-pineapples, loofah plants and lush greenery or tends to steer towards classic bouquets like white roses, we’ve got you covered. Another popular option is to send plants like orchids. Although these are all great ideas when it comes to sending your mom Mother’s Day flowers, the ultimate flower gift is to send a fresh flower subscription. Every month - or week - your mom will receive a new box of beautiful blooms. She’ll love the surprise aspect of not knowing what beautiful blooms she will receive next! Flower subscription boxes sent straight to Mom’s doorstep on the regular will constantly remind her of just how much you care!

Mother's Day Flower Subscriptions

How do flower subscriptions work?

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Considering signing Mom up for a flower subscription? Here's how it works. Each month, your mom's flower subscription box will include farm-fresh flowers sourced globally from eco- friendly, fair-trade farms. The hand-tied bouquets are wrapped in paper rather than plastic, cutting costs for you and eliminating waste for our world. From exotic orchids to romantic roses, cheerful sunflowers to classic hydrangeas, each BloomsyBox's contents are a complete surprise--adding to the fun factor! In addition to the beautiful blooms, each BloomsyBox arrives with flower food and a beautifully designed postcard. Since our flowers are sent straight from the farms, they aren't sitting around in warehouses for up to a week before reaching your Mom's doorstep. They're so fresh that the flowers arrive in bud form -- this allows Mom to watch them blossom more every day as they reach their peak. 

Mother's Day Flower Delivery

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