Holiday flowers


There is hardly a gift more popular than flowers. There are so many varieties and colors to choose from, you are never without a gift option. Giving flowers as gifts goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. 

The tradition of giving flowers as gifts stems from pre-history. In those times flowers were believed to have medicinal properties. Their smell could also hide unpleasant odors. The most common use for flowers during pre-history was in gravesites. Archeologists have found evidence of this practice around the world, and surmise that the flowers helped to cover the smell of the decomposing body. 

That unpleasant image aside, flowers continued to be given as gifts as pre-history gave way to the ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman societies. By the Middle Ages, flowers began to be used as a way to express affection and love. Thus, flowers moved from having a practical use to an emotional one. 

The Language of Flowers was a tradition brought to Europe from Turkey in the 18th century. This tradition gave each flower a meaning. Certain flowers began to express certain emotions and therefore were more appropriate for some gift-giving circumstances. The 19th-century Victorian era further codified this practice.

Now, you may be wondering what all of this history has to do with giving flowers on holidays. That is a great question. Here’s the answer. 

As flowers became more popular as a gift and attained certain meanings, they began to appear in certain holiday traditions. Today, poinsettias are inextricably linked with Christmas, and roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day. The flower meanings brought to Europe in the 18th century explain why these two flowers are linked with those holidays. Roses are used to expressing love and devotion. The points on the poinsettia are believed to resemble the Star of David, which makes this flower a symbol for Christmas. The most popular flowers for each common U.S. holiday are described in detail below. 

You don’t have to limit your flower gift-giving to a few holidays. Instead, flowers are a great gift for any holiday or occasion. And no, giving flowers does not have to signify that you forgot to send a gift. Flowers themselves make a great personal gift. Providing someone with a bouquet of their favorite flowers or a live plant in their favorite color says, “I love you” and “I’m thinking of you” in a way no other gift can.

Holiday flowers

Below you’ll find the most popular holidays in the U.S. and their dates.


There are so many holidays throughout the year and around the world that this article would go on forever if all of them were included! Instead, just a couple will be highlighted. Flowers are a more common gift on some holidays, and less common for others. Christmas flowers, Valentine’s Day flowers, Easter flowers, and Mother’s Day flowers are all likely candidates. That doesn’t mean flowers are inappropriate on other holidays, though. What would Thanksgiving be without a cornucopia of squash and sunflowers as a centerpiece? The atmosphere of a home on Halloween can be intensified by creepy flowers. With a little thought and the help of use here at BloomsyBox, you can create the perfect flower gift for any occasion. Find your perfect gift today!

Holiday flowers

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Flowers for each holiday

Here are the common flowers for each holiday

Here are the most common options for each holiday mentioned above.

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The best way to get the perfect gift is to have the professionals curate a selection for you!

Here at Blooms,Box, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best blooms in beautiful bouquets from our farm partners (who are all Rainforest Alliance certified and sustainable). Let us build a very special custom bouquet for you every month that your spouse will love! We promise it will always be unique and one-of-a-kind - and also that you'll enjoy it, guaranteed.

Our bouquets feature hand-tied arrangements that typically focus on a single type of flower that inspires us for the month. It arrives thoughtfully arranged with greenery that highlights the beauty of the featured flower and is designed to last in a vase for weeks.

For another gift idea, why not send her a bouquet that reminds you of your special day? BloomsyBox offers many one-of-a-kind flowers that she may have picked for your wedding, or even the colors of the wedding brought to life in a stunning arrangement. To see our single-stem bouquets, click here.

Want to give another type of gift?

Flowers are the ultimate universal gift for any holiday.

However, you may want some other gift ideas as well. Here are a few gifts for each holiday. 

Christmas—Toys, technology, and food. Everything’s appropriate as a gift at Christmas. 
New Year’s Eve and Day—Champagne and cheese/fruit trays are standard gifts for any New Year’s Eve party. 
Valentine’s Day—You can’t go wrong with chocolate on Valentine’s Day. 
St. Patrick’s Day—Beer (the regular kind, not green) and an Irish meal are a great way to show you care on St. Patrick’s Day. 
Easter—March 22—Who doesn’t love Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies at Easter. 
Mother’s Day—Mom’s will love anything you give them. However, you may want to slip some nice bath supplies into your flower arrangement for Mother’s Day. 
Father’s Day—Give your dad a gift tailored to him—such as tools or hunting equipment—on Father’s Day. 
Independence Day—Nothing says Independence Day like apple pie and fireworks. 
Halloween—Candy, candy, and more candy. 
Thanksgiving—Thanksgiving is all about the food, which is why kitchen equipment and tools are such a good gift on this holiday. 

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Why flowers make a great holiday gift.

There are a lot of reasons why flowers make a great holiday gift. They show that you care. They can be a personalized expression of your relationship with someone. They can even provide lasting color and beauty in a home. 

As another bonus, receiving flowers can make a person feel special. No matter who the recipient is, getting a beautiful bouquet of brightly-colors flowers in the mail can make their day. And, with BloomsyBox that amazing feeling can last as long as you want. Try our weekly or monthly plans. They are the gift that keeps on giving and can remind friends and loved ones that you care even when there is no holiday to celebrate. 

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The best way to get the perfect gift is to have the professional curate a selection for you!

Here at BloomsyBox, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best blooms in beautiful bouquets from our farm partners (who are all Rainforest Alliance certified and sustainable). Let us build a very special custom bouquet for you every month that provides the perfect holiday gift! We promise it will always be unique and one-of-a-kind – and also that you’ll enjoy it, guaranteed. 

Our bouquets feature hand-tied arrangements that typically focus on a single type of flower that inspires us for the month. It arrives thoughtfully arranged with greenery that highlights the beauty of the featured flower and is designed to last in a vase for weeks. 

For another gift idea, why not send a holiday plant? BloomsyBox offers many one-of-a-kind flowers that provide color and meaning. If the recipient loves living flowers, then this is the best gift option for any holiday. To see our holiday plant option click here.

Here are the common flowers for each holiday

Obviously, you can give any flowers on any holiday. If a friend or loved one prefers a certain type of flower, by all means, give them that flower as a gift. However, if you are looking for specific flower ideas.

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Christmas—Poinsettia. These red flowers originally came from southern Mexico. They were used by the Aztecs to make dye and as a medicine. The poinsettia has been used as a Christmas flower and live plant gift since the early 19th century. It first arrived in the U.S. in 1836. The distinctive points of the poinsettia are said to represent the Star of David, hence the flower’s popularity as a Christmas present. These beautiful flowers are everywhere at Christmas time and can be sent as a gift in cut flower or live plant form. 

New Year’s Eve and Day—Amaryllis. The flower for January is actually the carnation. Those flowers work wonderfully in a New Year’s arrangement. However, the carnation is discussed more fully below. Another great New Year’s flower gift is the Amaryllis. 

The Amaryllis comes in a variety of colors, but white, pink, and red are the most common. For a New Year’s arrangement, try the white amaryllis. Its elegance and color reflect perfectly with a snowy winter’s day. In ancient times the amaryllis was associated with the love-blinded nymph Amaryllis, hence the origin of the flower’s name. In the Victorian era, the amaryllis began to symbolize a beautiful, self-confident, and prideful—this was a good thing in the 19th century—woman. What better way to begin the new year than with the gift of self-confidence and pride? 

Valentine’s Day—Rose. If you know any flower’s meaning at all, it is likely the rose. The rose has been given as a gift of love since at least the 19th century, if not longer. Modern roses come in a variety of colors, but the red rose is the most common for Valentine’s Day. This color rose symbolizes love, romance, and beauty. You can learn more about the different colors of roses and their meanings here. Pick the color or colors that best represent your loved one and you have a special Valentine’s Day gift. 
St. Patrick’s Day—Green orchid. St. Patrick’s Day is not associated with flowers. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t send someone a surprise gift! To stay in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, try a green flower. There are many green flowers available, but the green orchid is striking and unique. 

Orchids are a rare flower, and so are highly prized as gifts. We at BloomsyBox even offer live orchids for purchase in a planter. A green orchid represents nature and symbolizes harmony and good health. The green orchid’s recipient may need those wishes after celebrating this holiday!

Easter—March 22—Easter lily. No flower is more popular on Easter than the Easter lily. These flowers are sometimes called trumpet lilies because of their trumpet-like shape. Traditionally, Easter lilies symbolized new life and hope, sentiments that are celebrated on Easter. No wonder this elegant flower makes such a good Easter gift. 

Mother’s Day—Carnation. Carnations are the official flower of Mother’s Day. Carnations have been associated with Mother’s Day from as early as 1925. Carnation naturally have pink, white, or red flowers. They now also come in a variety of other colors and color combinations. Carnations are said to originate from Mary’s tears, as she cried while watching Jesus carry the cross. The flower’s association with the ultimate Christian mother made its use as a gift on Mother’s Day a no-brainer. 

Father’s Day—White and red tulips. Father’s Day is much less associated with flower gifting. However, why not give dad a beautiful bouquet of white or red tulips to show him that you care. Tulips symbolize love. Their classic shape will appeal to any father’s aesthetic. 

Independence Day—Red roses, white lilies, blue hydrangea. You couldn’t call them Independence Day flowers without having the colors red, white, and blue represented. Red and white flowers are a dime a dozen, but blue flowers are rarer. For a really unique Fourth of July gift, why not give a bouquet of red roses, white lilies, and blue hydrangeas. That arrangement is sure to be eye-catching at any backyard barbeque. 

Halloween—Black Dahlia. If you want a spooky flower, then the black dahlia is it. These flowers are naturally dark burgundy or even closer to black; however, Dahlias come in a variety of colors and sizes. The black dahlia is associated with death and mourning, most likely because of its dark color. The flower’s link to the famous black dahlia murder makes this flower even more perfect as a holiday flower gift. 

Thanksgiving—Sunflowers. Sunflowers are actually a summertime plant, but they make a great addition to any Thanksgiving table. Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate the harvest. Sunflowers are bright and colorful, and edible. They even symbolize loyalty and longevity. It’s hard to think of a more perfect or happier flower to brighten up your Thanksgiving meal. 

Holiday flowers

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