There are lots of occasions that call for congratulations. Graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and more are all times of celebrations. It is very common for congratulations to be accompanied by flower gifts. In the 20th century, cards were also regularly sent with the flowers. So, the next time someone has a life event worth congratulating, you should consider sending flowers and a card. You can go one step further with BloomysBox and provide a subscription for a weekly or monthly delivery of customized bouquets. Shop congratulations flowers here

To understand why flowers are such an important congratulation gift we have to go back thousands of years. In Ancient Greece winners of athletic events were given olive branches to commemorate their achievements. This tradition returned during the 2004 Athens Olympic games, a fitting tribute to the inventors of the event. 

While an olive branch is not a bouquet, its presentation to top athletes began the tradition of giving flowers as congratulations. From Ancient Greece to the late eighteenth century, the tradition of giving flowers as congratulations did not change much. While not unheard of, it was much less common than funeral flower gifts. 

In the late eighteenth century something occurred that would change the customs surrounding giving flowers as gifts. That event was the rise of Charles II of Sweden. This monarch is considered the person who popularized the notion of the language of flowers in the West. This was a Persian custom initially. However, once Charles II learned of it, he began giving flowers to send messages. 

The entire system of flower species and color meanings was codified in the 19th century. Some of those meanings have entered our modern society as well—although we tend to be much less rigid about finding the flower with the “right” meaning for every situation. An example of a flower meaning still popularly known is the red rose’s use to mean love.

The circumstance of the gift-giving does not change a flower’s meaning. A red rose will mean love whether given during Valentine’s Day, at a wedding, for Christmas or to show sympathy. Another great reason to surprise a friend or loved one with the gift of flowers is congratulations. Flowers are an amazing way for you to tell the recipient that you are thinking about them on their big day/occasion.

Here are the most common occasions for giving congratulations flowers.


Struggling to know whether a certain even calls for the gift of congratulations flowers? Don’t worry, pretty much any occasion can be brightened by flowers. But below you’ll find the most events where congratulation flowers are typically used. If the event or occasion calls for celebration, you can send a congratulations flower gift. Send a bouquet of roses or perhaps a monthly flower subscription. You can personalize your flower gift as much as you want at BloomysBox. Fit the flowers to your friend or loved one’s personality and the occasion. Nothing says congratulations like flowers from BloomysBox!

Flowers for congratulations

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Congratulations flower gifts

Here are the common congratulation colors

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  • PINK
  • RED
  • BLUE

The best way to get the perfect gift is to have the professionals curate a selection for you!

Here at Blooms,Box, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best blooms in beautiful bouquets from our farm partners (who are all Rainforest Alliance certified and sustainable). Let us build a very special custom bouquet for you every month that your spouse will love! We promise it will always be unique and one-of-a-kind - and also that you'll enjoy it, guaranteed.

Our bouquets feature hand-tied arrangements that typically focus on a single type of flower that inspires us for the month. It arrives thoughtfully arranged with greenery that highlights the beauty of the featured flower and is designed to last in a vase for weeks.

For another gift idea, why not send her a bouquet that reminds you of your special day? BloomsyBox offers many one-of-a-kind flowers that she may have picked for your wedding, or even the colors of the wedding brought to life in a stunning arrangement. To see our single-stem bouquets, click here.

Here are the common congratulation flowers and colors.

There are seemingly infinite flower and color meanings. Most flowers come in multiple colors. This means that a single flower could have multiple complementary meanings made of the flower’s meaning and the color’s meaning. As an example, an orange iris means both excitement (from the orange color) and hope, faith, and admiration (the iris’ meanings).

Below are the common meanings for both flowers and flower colors. You can choose the combination that best expresses your congratulations to a particular person.

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Here are the meanings most often associated with each color. The colors are arranged in the ROYGBIV order for your convenience.

  • Pink: Pink is the color of joy and love. The love that pink signifies is less passionate and more innocent than red. This color is a great option to give as congratulations to a young child.
  • Red: Red is best known as the color of love. It signifies a stronger, more passionate love than the one expressed by pink.
  • Orange: Orange is an exciting and energetic color. This is a great color flower to give as a congratulations gift.
  • Yellow: Yellow can have a lot of meanings, which makes it a great color to give in a congratulations bouquet. Some of the meanings best suited to congratulations flowers are friendship, joy, pride, and success.
  • Green: Green flowers are less common, but green will, of course, appear in any bouquet. Green symbolizes good health.
  • Blue: Blue makes a statement in any bouquet; however, it does symbolize calmness and relaxation. That may not be the message you are trying to convey with your congratulation flowers.
  • Violet (Purple): Violet/purple is synonymous with grace and femininity. Giving purple flowers as congratulations for a dance or music recital is ideal.
  • White: White flowers often appear at weddings and funerals because of their association with innocence and sympathy. This color can also indicate humility and gentleness.


The following flowers are often given as congratulation gifts. They each have a unique meaning or meanings that work as a congratulations message. Plus, they all create beautiful bouquets!

  • Gladiolus: If you want to make a statement, give a bouquet with gladiolus. They mean strength and integrity. They also come in many different colors, so you can pinpoint the message.
  • Hibiscus: Another striking flower is the hibiscus. These cheerful flowers are typically a feminine flower worn by women but can brighten up any bouquet.
  • Iris: Irises are a great flower for a congratulations gift because they symbolize accomplishment, faith, and admiration.
  • Jasmine: Jasmine smells amazing. It has a couple of related meanings, including love, beauty, and sensuality. The Jasmine flower can also be used to mean good luck, which is perfect for congratulation gifts.
  • Lily: Lilies are a great flower to send as a way of cementing your friendship with the gift’s recipient. These flowers mean friendship.
  • Rose: Most people know that the rose symbolizes love. Roses given as congratulations for a wedding or child’s birth will work great. They are also a wonderful gift for people you love and want to congratulate.
  • Tulips: Tulips mean happiness or cheerfulness. These are both perfect messages to include in a congratulation bouquet, especially those for people who have overcome a very hard time in their life.

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The best way to get the perfect gift is to have the professional curate a selection for you!

Here at BloomsyBox, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best blooms in beautiful bouquets from our farm partners (who are all Rainforest Alliance certified and sustainable). Let us build a very special custom bouquet for you every month that provides the perfect congratulation gift! We promise it will always be unique and one-of-a-kind – and also that you’ll enjoy it, guaranteed. 

Our bouquets feature hand-tied arrangements that typically focus on a single type of flower that inspires us for the month. It arrives thoughtfully arranged with greenery that highlights the beauty of the featured flower and is designed to last in a vase for weeks. 

For another gift idea, why not send a congratulation plant? BloomsyBox offers many one-of-a-kind flowers that provide splashes of color and many different meanings. Does your loved one have a favorite color or flower? Do you want to send them a message using the language of flowers? Then shop our congratulation plant and flower options, click here.

  • IRIS
  • LILY
  • ROSE

How to write a congratulation note

Time to think about the card, what should you write in it?

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Now that you’ve decided to give flowers as a congratulations gift, it is time to think about the card. What words convey your congratulation sentiments the best?

Follow these instructions for creating the perfect congratulations note.

  • You should always include a card with your bouquet or flower gift. The card should at least indicate who the flowers are from. Don’t leave your friend wondering who sent them the beautiful flowers from BloomysBox. Write them a card.
  • Short is usually the best when writing a congratulation note. If you know the person intimately, you can write a longer card. However, if you are giving the gift to a work colleague or an acquaintance, keep the message short.
  • Make sure you include your heartfelt congratulations. Your message should be honest and come from the heart.
  • There are many ways to say congratulations. This article lists a large variety of options for you to choose from. Whether the gift is for a formal congratulation celebration or informal, the article has the right phrases.
  • Include the card with your gift. Cards usually fit well in gift baskets and bouquet wrappings. You don’t want to give your card separately from the bouquet or it will be very easy to lose the card.
  • If you are not handing the gift to the recipient directly, the card is essential to telling who gave the gift. Don’t forget to sign the card.

Flowers make some of the best congratulation gifts out there. They are completely customizable. There are so many meanings to choose from, which means you will be able to tell the person you are congratulating exactly how you feel about their accomplishment. Also, flowers bouquets are beautiful and brighten up every room. Who doesn’t love flowers?

Give the gift of a BloomsyBox bouquet or subscription today. The longevity of our bouquets is second to none. It doesn’t matter the holiday or occasions—Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, etc.—our flowers make an ideal gift. We will have the perfect flowers to say, “great job,” guaranteed!

Other gifts that say congratulations

Many gifts can be used to say congratulations. Flowers are the most universal congratulations gift. However, depending on the occasion, other gifts may also convey your sentiments well.

Cards: Cards have a long history of being used to convey congratulations. The custom of sending greeting cards has been around since the Ancient Chinese and Early Egyptian civilizations. The 19th century cemented the use of card giving for gifts and to say congratulations. Since the 20th century, greeting cards have gotten very inexpensive and are still a wonderful congratulations gift. They are a great way to express in words the sentiments your flowers’ colors and types convey.

Gift cards: Gift cards are not the same as cards. Gift cards usually come in the form of a little plastic card—some are now digital—that allow the recipient to purchase whatever they want at a business. Restaurants and shopping centers often allow you to purchase gift cards as a gift. Some see this type of congratulation gift as very impersonal. However, gift cards can be great for an acquaintance or work colleague. They may also be personalized by the addition of a unique bouquet of meaningful congratulations flowers.

Gift baskets: Gift baskets make great gifts. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to the occasion. You can purchase pre-made gift baskets or make your own. If you choose to create your own gift basket, make sure to include a bouquet of congratulations flowers from BloomysBox. Use the bouquet as your base and then surround it with yummy food, games, gift cards, and more. Often themed gift baskets are the biggest hits.

Food gifts: Sometimes a bag of candy is all that is needed to convey your congratulations. In situations where an entire gift basket may be inappropriate, a small food gift could do the trick. If you send a food gift with a couple of flowers and a card, your congratulation gift will be complete. Candy, chocolates, and other sweets are some of the most popular food gift items. If the occasion calls for it, you could also bake a food gift for the recipient. Learn more about our subscription service here.

Flowers for congratulations

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