There are more than 250,000 different species of flowering plants in the world. Not only do flowers facilitate the reproduction of angiosperms (flowering plants), but they also have a long history in relation to humans. Giving flowers as gifts goes back to prehistoric times, and humans have long admired and used flowers for their beauty as well as objects of ritual, romance, medicine, romance, and as a food source.

People use flowers in order to mark important life events and holidays around the world. Whether it's as a token of sympathy or romance, flowers are powerful symbols of compassion and care.

When it's time to give a gift, it can be difficult to decide what to get for your friend or loved one. Considering that Americans throw away $16 billion worth of Christmas gifts alone, it's reasonable to want to give a gift that the recipient will actually appreciate.

A flower subscription makes the perfect gift. Everyone appreciates making their environment more beautiful with fresh blooms. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why the gift of regular flower bouquets is always the right choice.

What Is a Flower Subscription Box?

We're all familiar with gifting flowers to other people, but what is a flower subscription box?

When you purchase a flower subscription box for someone you care about, your giving them the gift of fresh floral bouquets on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. This is a great way for people to discover new types of flowers while always having beautiful, bright bouquets to display in their home.

Subscriptions are popular these days because of the surprise element that is involved. There is something so exciting about not quite knowing what your bouquet will look like until it arrives, aside from the fact that it will be gorgeous.

Not only does Bloomsy offer subscription boxes, but all of their flowers are farm-to-table. This means that rather than being transferred between several different stops before arriving at their final destination, these flowers arrive at the recipient's home meer days after being picked. What this means is that they have a better vase life, are of higher quality, and are in far better condition.

On top of offering farm-to-table flowers, Bloomsy is also Rainforest Alliance certified. This means that they comply with a standard of production put in place by the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard. This exists to:

  • Protect wildlife habitats and ecosystems
  • Help promote safe and decent working conditions
  • Conserve soil and water
  • Ensure that farms are good neighbors to the local environment and rural communities

With each box, the recipient receives:

  • Farm fresh flowers
  • An artisan-designed box
  • A tailored postcard with flower care
  • Flower food

When you send a subscription box as a gift, a gift note will also be included.

Fresh Flowers Show Up Right at the Doorstep

Knowing what to give as a gift can be a challenge. You want to show your appreciation for someone, but you don't necessarily want to buy them something that they simply don't want.

For this reason, gifting flowers is a great option. Everyone has room for a beautiful bouquet in their home, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn't perk up at the sign of some gorgeous blooms.

When you give a flower subscription as a gift, you're giving someone this joy every single month. When their blooms show up at their doorstep, not only will it put a smile on their face but they'll also think gladly of you!

It's Affordable

Giving the gift of a flower subscription to a loved one is an affordable way to show that you care. With different subscription options, Bloomsy makes it easy for you to give a gift that is perfect for the occasion and easy on your wallet.

It's Convenient

Is there anything more convenient than ordering a flower subscription online that then delivers gorgeous fresh flowers to the home of your giftee every month? No, we didn't think so.

Gifting Flowers Is Perfect For Any Occasion

There is hardly an occasion where a flower isn't a perfectly appropriate and wonderful choice as a gift. Whether you are looking for the perfect thing for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, a wedding present, a birthday, or to send condolences, flowers always fit the bill.

(Are you having a hard time deciding what kind of flower arrangement to send to someone? Check out our helpful guide on the topic here.)

Having Fresh Flowers in Your Home Can Boost Your Mood

When you give the gift of flowers, you might literally be giving the gift of happiness.

This is because, according to behavioral research conducted at Rutgers University, the presence of flowers heightens feelings of life satisfaction, triggers happy emotions, and affects social behavior in a positive manner.

In this ten-month study, researchers found that flowers have both an immediate impact on happiness as well as a long-term positive effect on moods. Study participants reported feeling less agitated, anxious, and depressed after they received flowers as well as a higher sense of life satisfaction and enjoyment.

Fresh Flowers Can Boost Your Creativity and Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

Not only can you give the gift of an uplifted mood when you gift someone a flower subscription, you can also help to enhance their problem-solving skills and their creativity.

According to an eight-month study conducted at Texas A&M University, working in an environment that has plants and flowers could improve people's ability to creatively solve problems as well as their productivity.

Whether the person you are gifting a flower subscription to works from home or simply have many projects they do around the house, your gift can help them to accomplish the things they want to get done in a creative and rewarding way.

Flowers Are Proven to Relieve Stress

There are a number of emotional and behavioral benefits to spending time around flowers and plants in general. When you consider that flowers can help to improve a person's mood, it makes sense that it could also help to reduce their levels of stress.

Stress is a major health problem in the US, with one-third of Americans living with extreme stress. Stress can contribute to a long list of negative outcomes, such as health problems, lost productivity at work, and poor relationships.

One study from Havard University Medical School focused on the effects that flowers in the home had on an individual's personal well-being. She found that participants had less anxiety and worry after less than one week of keeping flowers in their home. This is on top of feeling less depressed and feeling more compassion towards other people.

It has been found that just three to five minutes looking at flowers, trees, or water can start to reduce anxiety, pain, and anger while also inducing relaxation. This is according to a number of studies that measured the physiological changes in muscle tension, blood pressure, or brain and heart electrical activity.

Being Around Flowers Increases Compassion Between Friends and Loved Ones

There is even research that shows that people who spend more time around flowers and plants tend to have better relationships with the people in their lives. According to a number of studies, a measurable increase in feelings of compassion arise when people are exposed to flowers and ornamental plants.

When we spend time around flowers, it deepens our connection with the natural world. This also helps to boost our empathy and can in turn improve our relationships with the people around us.

Flowers Boost Your Memory and Ability to Concentrate

Spending time around flowers and plants can also help to stimulate our senses, which improves our mental cognition, memory, and performance. One study from the University of Michigan found that participants who surrounded themselves with plants had their memory retention increase by 20%.

(Are you wondering where you should put flowers in your home? Check out this article.)

Flowers Can Help You Heal Faster

Believe it or not, having flowers or plants at home can even help people heal faster from injury or illness.

A study that was published in the journal Science found that hospital gardens could help patients heal faster, have less postsurgical complications, and need less pain medication.

Flower Subscription Options

When you order a flower subscription from Bloomsy, your flowers will arrive from the farm within five days of being picks. Each unique bouquet is hand-tied and arrives with an informational card and flower food. This combo means that your flowers will stay fresh longer, meaning that you have more time to enjoy their beauty!

Bloomsy Original

The Bloomsy Original box includes 22 to 24 stems. These farm-fresh flowers ship for free and will help to brighten your month, every month.

Bloomsy Deluxe

This Deluxe box is filled with 25 to 27 stems of farm-fresh flowers. If you're looking to always have a lush and full bouquet to enhance the beauty of your home, this is a great option.

Bloomsy Premium

The Bloomsy Premium is expertly curated with 27 to 32 stems. This is the largest selection available and it's sure to wow your family and friends alike!

Bloomsy Weekly

With this subscription, you can receive unique hand-tied bouquets every single week of the year. This is a wonderful way to give the gift of beauty and brightness that will show up on the doorstep once a week.

Bloomsy Bi-Weekly

If you'd like to send flowers more than once a month but less than once a week, this is the option for you. This is a great way to give the gift of a more beautiful environment to those you care about!

Bloomsy Roses

The rose has a long cultural history in western society, with them making appearances in Greek mythology, on tarot cards, in Christian culture, and more.

The different colors of roses symbolize different qualities. For example, red roses symbolize romance and love, while yellow roses are a symbol of friendship. White roses stand as symbols of purity and innocence, while orange roses symbolize passion and enthusiasm.

If the person you are gifting a flower subscription absolutely adores roses, then this is a wonderful choice. Every single month they will receive unique rose varieties straight from the finest rose farms in the world. The roses in each box are selected based on their uniqueness, beauty, and hardiness.

The NYBG Collection

This collection is curated by New York Botanical Garden floral experts to bring you the finest bouquet inspired by the NYBG. Not only will your friend or loved one receive gorgeous bouquets every month, but you can also be glad to know that a percentage of each purchase goes to support the work that NYBG does in plant conservation and science.

The NYBG was founded in 1891 and is now the most comprehensive botanical garden in the entire world. The verdant landscape stretches across 250 acres and supports more than one million plants. Their mission is to act as advocates for the plant kingdom through their comprehensive education programs, through their living plant collections, and through their wide-ranging research programs.

Do You Want to Give the Gift of a Flower Subscription?

As you can see, there are countless reasons why gifting flowers is a great idea. Not only do people love and appreciate flowers, but they can help to beautify a person's environment and lift their mood. When you give someone a flower subscription, you are gifting them happiness, relaxation, and joy.

Do you want to gift someone you care about a flower subscription? If so, check out our subscription options today!

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