Roses have a long history. There is actually evidence of roses have been around for at least 35 million years! Roses began to be cultivated about 5000 years ago, and have been extremely popular for all of that time. In ancient Rome, roses were used as perfume and for medicinal purposes.

The popularity of roses has only increased in the last few centuries. With the rise of flower meanings in the late 18th century, roses became a symbol of love. That meaning has continued to today.

Love is just one of the many reasons to send roses to a friend or loved one. Below you will learn about the top ten reasons to send roses today.

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Top 10 Reasons to Send Roses

There are a lot of reasons to send roses as a gift. Here are the top ten.

1)    To show you love someone.

Roses are the universal flower for telling someone you love them. The many different rose colors also come with their own meanings, many of which have to do with love. For example, white roses symbolize innocent love, red roses symbolize true love, and orange roses symbolize passionate love.

Because roses are recognized as a sign of love, you can be sure your recipient understands your message. Rose delivery is an ideal way to tell someone you love them.

2)    You have lots of options.

When you give roses as a gift, you have a lot of options. There are roses of many sizes and colors. You can even find multi-color roses. As mentioned above, the different colors of roses come with their own meanings.

In addition to the many varied messages you can send with roses, a huge number of options help you create a unique and striking arrangement. Roses can fit into any bouquet. It doesn’t matter what other flowers you include; you can find a rose to compliment them.

3)    Roses are one of the most popular flowers.

Roses are an extremely popular flower in any season. There is a reason it is so easy to find roses. Rose delivery from a high-quality, farm-to-table flower provider like us at BloomsyBox will up your rose game. If you want to ensure that your recipient loves their flower gift, then flowers are the way to go.

Choosing roses is also a way to keep your own stress level down. Some people get overwhelmed by the number of flower choices. Roses are a safe option that is assured to get a great response.

4)    Rose delivery reduces stress.

A study by the University of North Florida indicates that flower delivery, including rose delivery, can reduce stress. The women in the study who received flower gifts experienced lower stress levels than their counterparts who did not receive flowers.

Want to help someone reduce their stress levels? Then rose delivery is the best option for you.  

5)    They work well in any flower arrangement.

Here at BloomsyBox, we offer several flower arrangements that include roses. Some are made of only roses, but most are not. In fact, many of our bouquets, such as Pastel Daydream, Fond Feelings, Royalty, and Springtime Picnic use roses as just one of many beautiful flowers.

The right rose looks lovely and enhances any flower arrangement. That makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking to send roses as a gift.

6)    They are appropriate for all occasions.

Roses are a good choice for any flower arrangement, and they are also perfect as a gift for any occasion. Roses are often given as a gift on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. But, they will work for Father’s Day, Weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving, you name it.

If someone in your life loves flowers, you can send them roses any time for any reason.

7)    Farm-to-table roses last a long time.

We are all familiar with what farm-to-table means in the context of restaurants. For flowers and rose delivery, farm-to-table means cutting out the middle man. Your roses will be shipped directly from the farm where they are grown.

Farm-to-table roses are important because they are delivered faster, which means more time for your recipient to enjoy them. Most of our roses will be delivered to your door within four days of being cut. That’s quality and freshness you just can’t find from traditional flower shops.

8)    Roses can help you celebrate an important event.

From graduations to weddings and beyond, rose delivery is a great way to commemorate an important event. It doesn’t matter whether the event is happy or sad, rose delivery will be appropriate. As we’ve already mentioned, roses are an appropriate flower for any occasion. And, everyone loves them. Send a message of love that everyone will love with the gift of roses!

9)    Rose delivery can brighten someone’s day.

Roses smell wonderful and are bright and beautiful. Their scents alone can raise a person’s mood. The scent of a rose can also help you dream about more positive things. Rest and mood are improved when you send someone the gift of roses. It doesn’t get more convincing than that.

10) It is just nice.

Finally, you don’t need a reason to send someone roses. Sometimes it just feels nice to give a gift. And, there is no better gift than rose delivery. Peruse our rose section here. You can also find bouquets with roses on this page.

If you want to gift your loved one rose delivery over a period of time, try our subscription services. We provide hand-curated bouquets or rose delivery on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. You can learn more about those plans here.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter why you send someone roses. What matters is that these versatile and beautiful flowers show a person that you love and are thinking about them. We don’t think there is a better reason than that to send roses than that.   

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