Spending a lot of time indoors these days? Yeah, us too! As we’ve all learned to adapt to the new normal and being at home (MUCH) more, it’s only natural that we spend time focusing on improving our space.

For many of us all over the world, our homes have transformed from merely houses into offices, schools and gyms. It’s never been more important to enhance and elevate our environment!

Whether it be re-arranging furniture, hanging new curtains, slapping on a fresh coat of paint, or getting a new houseplant, there are tons of ways to easily spruce up your space.

But, the absolute quickest way to brighten up your space—and your outlook? Fresh flowers, of course!

Vibrant gerber daisies, elegant roses, gorgeous orchids and fun mixed bouquets are all beautiful ways to brighten your space. But, the ultimate cheerful flower? Can you guess?

The beautiful and oh so sunny Sunflower!

The bright and beautiful sunflower is a favorite for so many people for a varity of reasons. Sunflowers stand for loyalty, affection and longevity…but, unofficially?


Originally named for the sun itself, sunflowers are not just popular for people, but also serve as a form of nourishment for pollinators and birds.

How to Care for Sunflowers

Sunflowers are not just a pretty face and a superstar in the garden, but they also make the ideal cut flowers. Sunflower bouquets are easy to care for--just re-cut stems and put them in fresh water every two days. Ideally, you should rinse the vase well before placing the flowers back in.  Don’t fill up the vase too full, although they do like to stay hydrated.

One of the best attributes of sunflowers in a bouquet is their vase life. With the proper care, they can last up to 12 days!

Why Send Sunflowers?

Sunflowers are not just a great way to brighten up your space—they are an extremely popular flower to send to friends and family. A sunflower bouquet is the perfect flower to send for any occasion—birthdays, anniversaries, get well, congratulations, or just because.

Don’t Settle for Sub-Par Sunflowers

Although sunflowers are beautiful, it is important to purchase sunflower bouquets from high-quality farms. Attributes of poor quality sunflowers include beat up stems, missing and damaged petals, and brown stems. Not only will this affect their beauty, but their vase life.

When it comes to buying sunflower bouquets, don’t settle for sup-par. BloomsyBox has got you covered!

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