Romantic red roses are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! 

Love and red roses go together like ice cream and apple pie. When you think of Valentine’s Day, it’s impossible to imagine without gorgeous red roses!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you probably need to start thinking about your gift for your partner. 

Even if red roses sound cliche, they are truly the perfect gift! Need convincing?

Meaning of red roses

The color red invokes excitement and stirs passion. Over the years, it has come to represent romantic love - and passionate romantic love, at that. There’s no better color for a Valentine’s Day present. And if you are still madly in love with your partner, there’s no better way to show them than with two dozen perfect red roses!

Using flowers as a subtle way to indicate strong feelings hit its zenith during the Victorian era. Because intense emotion was frowned upon, lovers had to find other ways to show their passion for each other and used flowers. And so the language of flowers was born. 

While we don’t “speak” the language of flowers like the Victorians did, we do still use color and flower types to show how we feel for one another. Red roses have transcended time as the ideal representation of love, passion, and a true sign of feelings for someone. 

Why do I want two dozen red roses?

Traditionally, one dozen red roses symbolizes love for every month of the year. Twelve months = twelve red roses. 12 is also a number of great significance across many cultures, indicating a completeness and a complete circle. A clock has 12 hours on its face, and there are also twelve signs of the zodiac. The interpretations are endless. 

Then why do we offer roses in larger numbers than twelve? When we want to compound the feeling we want to convey, often we multiply by 2 or 3. Two dozen roses can transform an “I love you” into an unspoken “I am yours forever”. 

A dozen perfect red roses are a stellar gift, but if you want to impress someone even more, 24 is better! What better way to show someone you love them than with a perfect red rose for every hour of the day? That’s why we offer two dozen perfect red roses for delivery right to your door.


Red roses are the perfect gift

The traditional and most stunning gift is two dozen perfect red roses. At BloomsyBox, you can purchase the quintessential perfect red hybrid tea rose in an unblemished bright red. It’s truly the purest form of red there is available and is just the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. 

However, if you want to spice things up a little, we have another red rose that is sure to communicate your passion. The aptly named Hearts Rose is a breathtaking red garden rose. Its unique ruffled petals and delicate scent will steal your heart! Its red is deep, rich, and bright. You couldn’t find a more breathtaking bouquet for Valentine’s Day! The red Hearts Rose is also offered in a size of two dozen for a beautiful, full bouquet that you can be proud to gift to your sweetheart. 

A perfect gift for the years to come

February and Valentine’s Day are of course popular reasons to gift roses, but a fantastic way to show your appreciation and love for a special someone year-round is to send them a monthly rose delivery subscription. Starting from February, you can send 24 stunning roses as a gift to someone else or yourself every month! How lovely would it be to have unique, gorgeous roses of all kinds arrive monthly? It’s a gift they’ll never forget. 

As beautiful as red roses are, they are not the only roses in the world. There are so many varieties of roses that many people have not yet seen but would surely enjoy. Have you ever seen a green garden rose or a magenta rose with ruffled blossoms in a trefoil pattern? You never know what wonders will come in a Bloomsy Roses box! 

Delivered roses are better roses

Especially in these trying times, the less you have to go to a store, the better. Shipped roses offer a safe way to show all the love you have for someone safely with no-contact delivery. Your two dozen red roses will be perfectly packed in a shipping box designed just for them to protect their delicate buds, arriving at your destination ready to delight! 

At BloomsyBox, your roses are cut on demand at our sustainable farm partners and assembled by hand in a cozy box for transport. The utmost care is taken with every bouquet! Your roses are shipped right to your door from our farm partners, so you don’t lose any time enjoying your gorgeous roses. Since our roses are cut before the peak of freshness, you get to see your roses bloom to their fullest! They come with care directions and flower food to help them last even longer in your vase.

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