We’re just days away from the official start of fall and my autumn-loving self is seriously giddy with excitement! When I think fall florals, I think a few things: wildflowers, sunflowers, and mums. This arrangement from The Flower Chef addresses the first of the three with a bouquet chock full of stunning flowers to satisfy all your fall cravings.

Grab a PSL, throw on your coziest sweater, and follow along to start creating your very own “Wildflower Meadow” arrangement!

What You’ll Need: 

• 1 bunch of orange or pink snapdragons
• 1 bunch yellow snapdragons
• 1 bunch waxflower
• 1 bunch Bells of Ireland
• 1 bunch of eucalyptus
• thick green floral tape
• medium vase / pitcher

Step 1: Cut and prep your florals

Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line of your vase and cut each stem to roughly 20″ to 24″ long. You want to keep these stems long so the arrangement takes on a more natural shape, mimicking a wildflower field!

Step 2: Separate the flowers by type and start spiraling!

The best part about creating a wildflower arrangement? You literally can’t go wrong with the spiraling step! The bouquet is intended to look a little – well – wild, so how the stems are arranged is really up to you and your personal preference. The trick to creating the right shape for this bouquet is all about where you hold the flowers. Grab the stems lower than you typically would for other spiraled bouquets, about half way down.

Step 3: Secure the bouquet

Once you’ve achieved the desired shape and fullness, secure your bouquet at the same point where you’ve been gripping the stems (about half way down).

Step 4: Measure, cut, and enjoy!

Measure your stems against the vase and cut it to the appropriate height. Then take a step back to admire your arrangement! This one is a real stunner – perfect to pair with your favorite fall candle or to use as a centerpiece for your next gathering.

What are you most looking forward to this autumn? What fall florals are your go-to? Chime in in the comments below and we just might feature them in an upcoming tutorial! 

Photos c/o Kelsey Rebman Photography | Flowers via WholesaleFlowers.net
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