If you’re looking for a super simple arrangement to get started in floral design, this bouquet is the perfect pick! With only one type of flower and three simple steps, the Tulip Swirl arrangement is a safe bet for any skill level.

What you’ll need:

• 2-3 bunches of tulips
• Thick green floral tape or satin ribbon and a corsage pin
• Small cylinder vase

Step 1: Prepare your tulips

Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line in your vase and trim the stems to your desired height. (I left the stems long for this one as they were relatively easy to handle and I couldn’t decide which vase I wanted to use!)

Step 2: Spiral

For step two of this arrangement, spiral your tulips to create a dome shape. Alternate colors if you are using different varieties. For this bouquet, we stuck with a simple pink!

If you’re new around here, you can learn how to spiral in our first Flower Chef tutorial post. Spiraling flowers has become second nature to me since I started working my way through The Flower Chef. Despite it feeling pretty awkward the first few tries, I’ve found that it’s actually quite therapeutic once you get the hang of it!

Step 3: Secure your arrangement

Secure the bouquet halfway down the stems with thick green floral tape or ribbon and a corsage pin. I opted for a blush pink ribbon to add a little bit of interest to this arrangement and loved the way it turned out!

Once your bouquet is secured, cut the stems straight across to the desired height and place your beautiful blooms in a vase filled half way with water.

How sweet it is! Sometimes simple is better, and this arrangement proves exactly that. The Tulip Swirl bouquet is perfect for a sweet centerpiece or small bouquet (think: flower girls) and was so easy to create. The entire arrangement only took about 10 minutes from start to finish!

Have you ever created an arrangement with tulips before? Drop a comment below with your favorite color of this springy flower! 

All photos c/o Kelsey Rebman Photography
Tulips via wholesaleflowers.net

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