If you’ve ever wondered how florists get succulents to stay perfectly placed in bouquets, this post is for you! They say the third time’s a charm, and this bouquet certainly re-ignited my love for learning from The Flower Chef. 

“The thing you learn…is that ‘simple’ is not exactly the same as ‘easy.’ It had never occurred to me that there was a difference…”

Julie Powell

After a trying second attempt at floral arranging, this succulent bouquet with its blooms of bold orange and bright yellow came in like a ray of light to save me from my feelings of inadequacy. The arrangement is beautiful, simple (but not easy), and the color scheme is striking. Plus… succulents. Enough said, right?

What you’ll need:
  • 1-3 small succulents
  • 2 large succulents
  • 1 bunch of orange dahlias (we used gerbera daisies!)
  • 1 bunch of yellow and/or peach stock
  • 1 bunch of white veronica or heather (not pictured here)
  • a few stems of dusty miller (not pictured here)
  • 5-8 pieces of 20-gauge straight stem wire
  • floral stem tape
  • thick green floral tape
  • small cylinder vase

Step 1: Prepare your blooms

There are actually 10 steps to this bouquet in The Flower Chef, but for the purposes of this blog, we’ll simplify a bit. To get started, trim the stems of your flowers and prepare the succulents by inserting the floral wire into the base, forming an upside-down U shape. The wire slides through rather easily and the process is fairly straight-forward. Just be careful with the succulent itself so the leaves don’t fall off! For smaller succulents, one u-shaped wire is probably plenty. If your succulents need more support, double them up. When your wires are in place, wrap them with floral stem tape, squeezing as you wrap. Once everything is prepared and separated, get ready to spiral!

Step 2: Spiral

Starting with the gerbera daisies and alternating with the other flowers, start spiraling away! (Directions on how to spiral here, in case you need to catch up.) The flowers take on a more natural look than the previous bouquets we’ve worked with, which was refreshing and took a lot of the pressure off!

BloomsyBox bouquet Ranunculus arrangement Spiraling flowers BloomsyBox Blog Succulents in bouquet

Step 3: Pull through

Once you are satisfied with the overall shape of the bouquet, pull through the ranunculus and succulents (and Dusty Miller if you’re using it), being sure they are evenly distributed. Try to position the succulents so they can rest gently on the sturdier blooms, in case they need a bit of extra support.

BloomsyBox flowers

Step 4: Secure your arrangement

Trim all stems (including the wire stems you made for the succulents) and secure your bouquet with floral tape or a rubber band, wrap it with ribbon, or add your own finishing touch for display. Then, place the arrangement in a small cylinder vase filled halfway with water and enjoy your beautiful creation!
The Flower Chef Succulent Bouquet finished

How beautiful and unexpected is this color scheme? I was seriously wishing I had thought of it for my own wedding back in 2011PP (Pre-Pinterest era). The way the stock flowers are perfectly imperfect in the arrangement made for a lot more fun to be had during the creation process. I was able to flex my creative muscles a bit and rely on my own eye and preference rather than feel like I had to stick to the book exactly. And an added bonus? When the bouquet was done blooming, I had perfectly healthy succulents to propagate in planters! (More on that for another time!)

All flowers via wholesaleflowers.net | Photos via Kelsey Rebman

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