Objects in these photos are simpler to arrange than they appear. I’m not going to pretend like I wasn’t intimidated by this arrangement at first glance. The cascading greens were haunting my dreams for a few days before I finally pushed up my sleeves and got started. And I’m happy to say that once I began, this arrangement – like most in The Flower Chef – was a pleasure to create!

The end result? Absolutely stunning. I feel like I say this after every creation, but this is in the running for my favorite in the book thus far. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need: 

Step 1: Prep

Prepare your flowers by removing lower leaves and separating each stem into groups by type. Set aside any flowers that are bending downward – you’ll use these later! Prep your orchids by cutting 4-5 blooms from each stem. Wire and tape them using the same process from this arrangement.

 Step 2: Spiral

Spiral your florals (with the exception of the orchids), alternating types as you go. You want to create somewhat of a dome shape, but keep in mind your end goal of a loose, cascading arrangement!

Step 3: Pull through orchids

Once most of your flowers are spiraled to create the desired shape and fullness, pull through the orchids using the faux stems you created in Step 1. Arrange them so they are evenly distributed throughout the bouquet.

Step 4: Cascade

Using the bending florals you set aside, create the cascading effect by placing the bent stems to an outer edge of the bouquet. Cluster them together for a more dramatic look, and make sure the flowers are curving out and down. Next, add the eucalyptus to the same outer edge, pulling lightly so the leaves and seeds cascade even more!

Step 5: Secure the arrangement and display!

Secure your bouquet with thick green floral tape or a rubber band and cut the stems to your desired length. When placing this arrangement in a vase, put the stems in at an angle so the flowers and leaves cascade over the side.

How gorgeous is this? I actually begged my newly engaged sister to consider using this color scheme and bouquet in her upcoming wedding, I love it so much! The sepia-toned florals give the arrangement the perfect bohemian-chic look and the cascading flowers make it elegant without being overdone. (Insert heart-eye emojis here)

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Photos c/o Kelsey Rebman Photography | Flowers via WholesaleFlowers.net
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