Gift-giving is a complicated task. Jewelry? What if it's not their taste? Chocolate? What if they just started a diet that tends more toward blueberries and sunflower seeds than toasted caramel and sea salt? 

With flowers, few people have ever said, "Oh no. These blue dahlias are not my style." Rather, the common reaction is to dip their nose into the fresh blooms and come up smiling. 

The endless world of botany holds countless secrets. Each flower has its own meaning and can convey its own, special message. When buying flowers, consider what you want to say, and let the petals do the talking. 

Together, we'll walk through the calendar year, discussing special occasions that would do well to showcase a bouquet or two. 

New Year's Eve

The table is set; the food is warming in the oven; the champagne is on ice; the fun-loving party hats are dispersed throughout the room.

The only thing that's missing is a few floral arrangements to add a touch of class. For New Year's Eve, here are some of the flowers that will speak promise and prosperity into the new year. 


If white lilies are in your arrangement, you'll add a classy touch to a timeless tradition.

White lilies are quick to open up, much like the pop of a champagne bottle, and they have major staying power. They're quite hearty, even for those that might not remember to change out the water as often as they should. 

Snow Drops

Like crocuses, snow drops are some of the first flowers to spring forth, even after the coldest of winters. They make a great statement at New Year's Eve parties, given their symbolism for new growth and tenacity. 

Valentine's Day

If you're guessing roses, guess again! Of course, a bouquet of red roses will always go over well. And, when you dash in a few pink lilies or a couple of purple daisies, you're hitting all the high notes. But, let's discuss a few unexpected contenders. 


Ranunculus are a bit like roses, but they appear to have about a hundred added petals packed into one effervescent swirl.

They give off a wonderful, romantic feel because of their traditional look and soft tones. You can pair up pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows and end up with an unexpected, dainty feast for the eyes. 


Sunflowers can serve up Valentine's Day poetry like no other flower. Sentiments about how your loved one is the sunshine of your life or the cheeriest part of your day spring to mind.

Also, sunflowers, like gerbera daisies, don't need a lot of filler flowers. They stand tall and speak volumes all on their own. 


Nothing says, "Let's spring to life," better than Easter. We're going to sidestep the Easter lilies (like we sidestepped the Valentine's Day roses) and take a look at a few lovely alternatives. 


Hyacinths are some of our most fragrant friends. Each stem springs forth with countless little blooms.  

Best of all, they come in a rainbow of colors. You can ask to have some of these fragrant blossoms inserted into your arrangement, or you can even opt to give this beauty as a plant. 


Hydrangeas are enough to make anyone smile. They're the best flowers because they're rounded snowballs of fragrant cheer. White is a common, classic tone, but we love to see them arrive in splashes of purple, pink, blue, yellow, and green.

In the end, they make a fine Easter bunch, no matter the color, and, like lilies, they'll hold up pretty well long after Easter has come and gone. 

Fourth of July

While everyone's freezing red, white, and blue popsicles and setting their beer on ice, don't forget to dot a few tables with some quintessential colors. 


Like their friend, the hyacinth, delphiniums stand tall and straight. They create a lovely cascading effect down the stem, meaning they'd pair well with something easy and breezy like white lilies or red roses.


If bouquets of ranunculus are the twist on roses, then dahlias are the twist on gerbera daisies.

They display lovely, uniform sprays of petals, and come in all different shades of blue. So, when you pop them in with some white hydrangea or red roses, you'll really have something special to display. 


If you're trying to avoid candy and sweets, then trick your treaters with bowls of floral arrangements around the house. We're going to revisit some fan favorites from above. 


A spray of yellow sunflowers in a jack-o-lantern is a match made in Halloween Heaven.

They won't need much more because, again, sunflowers are major statement pieces. A dash of greenery will be more than enough for this fall pairing. 

Tiger Lilies

If you have a large pumpkin to fill, then you can pair your sunflowers with tiger lilies. With these beauties popping out of an orange or white pumpkin, you'll have a classic pair of flowers that will gladly usher in the feelings of fall. 


If you say "fall floral bouquet," our minds instantly reel with visions of pumpkins and spice and everything nice. You can replay your sunflower or tiger lily floral arrangements, but the hits keep coming when it comes to fall color schemes. 


Marigold is, of course, the perfect flower when you need a little Thanksgiving color.

These blooms have lovely, robust leaves, creating a great foundation for greenery. You can add in fresh splashes with white zinnia, which bear a lovely resemblance to zinnia. 


We've waited all this time to introduce the queen of the flowers because, truthfully, our favorite shades are orange, white, and yellow.

In our opinion, these shades step off the beaten path that's often lined with red and white roses. We love pairing orange and yellow roses in our Thanksgiving bouquets with dashes of eucalyptus or even a bright, bold gerbera daisy or two. 


This is an easy one. Red flowers are about as natural as morning sunshine on dewy leaves. But, we'll leave the poinsettias and red roses to the side for a moment to explore two unique twists. 


We are absolutely devoted to amaryllis. Give us a bouquet of bold, red amaryllis any day of the week.

These are even heartier than lilies and hydrangea. They can well into the new year without much trouble. For Christmas, all these beauties need are generous sprigs of holly to bring in the holiday cheer. 


Sound the trumpet. These tiny trumpet-shaped flowers are what we imagine baby's breath and holly would create if they ever had a love child.

Bouvardia are unique blossoms that would look pretty in individual bud vases at everyone's table setting. Wait and watch to see how many people reach out to finger these gorgeous little blossoms. 

Other Special Occasions

There we have our calendar year. But, season by season, there are countless other occasions that call for hand-written invitations and moments of festivity. Let's explore some of the other causes to consider gifting flowers. 


Actually, every month has its own flower, much like gemstones. So, if garnets, rubies, or emeralds aren't in the budget, then you can choose a bouquet based on the month. 

For example, the flowers for May are Lily of the Valley and Hawthorne. They're meant to signify faithfulness and a robust personality.

Another fun one is October. The flowers for that month are cosmos and calendula, meant to signify an ambitious and respectable personality. 

Dinner Parties

Sometimes, there's no occasion at all, just a general call to gather around the table and celebrate life.

When it comes to dinner parties, your best bet is a spray of scentless blossoms. Roses and lilacs are lovely, but you don't want them to overwhelm the scents of pot roast and roasted veggies. 

In these times, see if you can secure some poppies or dahlias. They're perfect flowers that, again, come in an array of colors. But, they won't run the risk of giving off too much scent at the dinner table. 


We often hear of silver or gold wedding anniversaries. It's kind of cute to Google the classic gift for each celebrated year of marriage. But, like our monthly birthday blooms, there is also a flower for every anniversary

For example, a fifth-year wedding anniversary technically calls for a spray of daisies. Seventh wedding anniversaries can be hallmarked with freesia. Meanwhile, peonies dance in delight on 12th wedding anniversaries and violets love to ring in the big 5-0. 

Technically, roses mark 15th wedding anniversaries, but we've never known a bride to shrug off a bouquet of roses on any given occasion. 

Baby Announcements

Going with symbolism again, flowers for baby announcements can be packed full of meaning. For example, chrysanthemums come in a wide variety of different colors, but they all represent the same thing: long life and optimism. Can you send a better message at this time in someone's life? 

Queen Anne's Lace is another option because it represents delicate femininity. Paired with Star of Bethlehem (which represents purity and hope) or violets (which represent loyalty and sweetness), you're sending the warmest, most loving sentiments to a burgeoning mom-to-be. 

Job Promotions

Think bright, bold, and cheery for this messaging. You're going to want colorful sprays of sunflowers, tiger lilies, purple tulips, or cheerful daisies. These buds need to jump right out of the packaging and shout, "Congratulations on being a star!" 

Alternatively, you can also gift your loved one with a small succulent. If it seems like they're not going to have a lot of time to foster a nursery, a small succulent for their new office digs will be a wonderful reminder of your love and support. 

Housewarming Surprises

Gerber daisies are synonymous with love, happiness, success, health, wealth, and prosperity - all the things that brought someone to a new house.

So, showing up with a bottle of bubbly and a vibrant bouquet of gerbera daisies will make you a welcomed guest for years to come. 


For as long as death remains inescapable, you can continue to send the right message to your friend or family member who just lost someone special. 

Gladioli have tall stems that will stand proud beside the casket or grave of a man or woman who lived life bravely and fought death fearlessly. They symbolize strength of character and moral integrity, making them perfect for a loved one whom everyone looked up to. 

The Best Blooms

There are more flowers under the sun than we could ever count. That's why we love this business. The floral pairings never end. Yet, while the options remain endless, we believe these are the best blooms for every occasion. 

Whether you're ringing in a new year, or closing out another, you can send the right message with a thoughtful array of nature's bounty.

And that's what we love to do. Here at BloomsyBox, we source the finest flowers from farms all around the globe to craft into regular subscription plans for those who love to keep their homes, offices, and businesses alive with fresh growth. 

With weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly plans, anyone and everyone can strike just the right note. Allow us to deliver seasonal bouquets from eco-friendly farms straight to your doorway or the doorstep of someone you love.

With affordable weekly plans, you'll be able to celebrate the cycle of life as you carry on with effervescence and joy.

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