Mother's Day is right around the corner--are you planning anything special to celebrate Mom? Although giving gifts--and beautiful flowers, of course--is a part of this holiday, it is far more important to show Mom how much you care through your actions.

When it comes to celebrating Mom, although taking her out for a nice lunch is a popular way to show her how much you care, there are other ways to celebrate at home through cooking for Mom.

Serving Mom breakfast in bed, cooking a yummy brunch or making her a nice dinner are sure-fire ways to make her feel special. Although what you cook and how you cook it are important, it could be argued that the way that you dress up the table is just as important to making it a special occasion.

Brunch & Lunch

What better way to add festive flair to a space than with fresh flowers? Fresh flowers and Mother's Day go hand in hand! In addition to making the perfect Mother's Day gift, gorgeous fresh flowers are the perfect way to decorate the space and dress up your Mother's Day table.

Choose beautiful, classic roses from the Martha Stewart Flowers for a refined, elegant look, perfect for a classic Mother's Day lunch or brunch. Arranging these beautiful roses in a bubble bowl or trumpet vase, or putting single stems in pretty bud vases, will dress the table beautifully.


To really set the mood, skip the paper plates and napkins this time and swap out for pretty place settings.

You don't have to spend a ton of money to make an impact. Use what you already have in your China cabinet and silverware drawer and just kick it up a notch with accessories.

Pretty cloth napkins and napkin rings are such a cheap, quick way to dress up a table. Choose fabric napkins in pretty pastel solids or springtime prints for a beautiful look.




If you're short on time or don't like to cook, why not serve afternoon tea to Mom? Pick up some pretty, delicious pastries up at your local bakery, set them out with tea on a beautifully set table, and you're done! Things like macaroons, chocolate covered strawberries, mini fruit tarts, madelines and cappucino cakes are fun, delicious ways to add a touch of fancy to your Mother's Day tea.



If you're cooking or hosting dinner for Mom, relying on beautiful flowers for your centerpieces is a great idea. Whether you're choosing to use bouquets of classic roses or other flowers such as sunflowers or mixed bouquets, making flowers the focal point of the table will add to the occasion's elegance.

Mixed bouquets are fun ways to add color to the table. 

This Fuschia Sierra bouquet is a bright, colorful, cheerful way to add beauty to the Mother's Day table.

No matter how you choose to dress up your Mother's Day table, inject your personality into it and your Mom is sure to feel like a million bucks! 

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