Let’s face it: your Dad has too many socks and ties. It’s sweet that you’re thinking about him and want to get him a gift that will bring a smile to his face, but isn’t it time to graduate from the expected present to something new?

Enter plants. We’re 100% serious here - you should send your dad plants for Father’s Day.

Think about it. Does your dad have everything he needs or wants already? Gifting a plant (complete with vase!) is sending your dad the message that he means the world to you and you’re grateful for how he helped you grow as a person. Furthermore, plants are fantastic for brightening up an office space or for taking care of at home. Plants really are the perfect gift for Dad!

Sure, we’re trying to sell you plants. But honestly - how much better do you feel when you walk into a place with live plants? Do you feel happier and more productive? (We sure do!)

Taking care of our indoor plants is ridiculously easy! All you have to do is follow the instructions on the care card that’s included with every plant. You’ll likely “water” with ice cubes once a week. Place it in appropriate light - most of our plants do well in both low and high light areas - and enjoy! Include a note with it so Dad knows who it’s from, and he’ll have everything he needs to grow something swell that already looks great!

What’s the right plant for my dad?

We’re so glad you asked! We have a great selection of the finest window-ready and desk-ready plants available that can ship right to your door. Each plant ships with a care card, the plant (of course), and a planter that’s just right for the gift you’ve selected. It’s plug and play!

Striking Colors

Anthuriums are all the rage right now for a reason! They’re extremely easy to grow and care for - and their red pops so beautifully that it can’t be missed. It’s the ideal tropical touch for a space that could use a little bit of fresh brightness.

Blooming Elegance

You can’t beat orchids for the dad with a touch for the prettier things in life! With a selection of several types of orchids, all with different vases and flower colors, you’re sure to find the one that will speak to him.

Lucky Gifts

In many cultures, the gift of a money tree is considered to attract wealth and fortune. Is there a better gift for a business-oriented father, especially one who owns his own business? This lucky tree is also a fantastic gift to give a dad who normally has a black thumb; money trees are built for survival and require minimal water and light!


Does Dad yearn for the West? Bring him a stylish piece of the desert with a succulent duo that not only looks great but is also easy to care for. Consider the office that much more decorated!

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