It doesn’t matter what the event, flowers are a great addition to any celebration! They work as a decoration, as a gift, and much more. You don’t have to be a genius in flower arranging to entertain with flowers. 


When you're ready to purchase flowers for your event, check out the blooms available from us here at BloomsyBox. We are your source for the best farm-to-home flower arraignments on the market. We even offer subscription plans so that your home will never be without the most beautiful flowers!


Flowers as Decorations

When most people use flowers as part of an event, they usually employ them as decorations. Think of all the poinsettias you see at Christmas or roses on Valentine’s Day. Some flowers are associated with certain holidays; however, others work for any occasion.


Flower decorations come in many sizes and shapes. They can be put in huge arrangements or small delicate bouquets. The sky is the limit when it comes to using flowers to set the mood. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. 


1. Match the flowers to the occasion.

While it always makes sense to choose flowers you enjoy; you also want to ensure the bouquet corresponds to the occasion. This could mean you choose flowers that match the season. For example, if you are entertaining in the summer, you may want to use summertime flowers. Summer events are easy because there are a lot of flowers to choose from! Roses, lavender, daylilies, etc. all bloom during the summer. You don’t have to stick to seasonal flowers. You could also use a flower’s meaning or association to choose it. Here roses work great for events celebrating love, lotus flowers for an event celebrating a new outlook on life or a new birth, and so on.

2. The container is important too.

Often, we focus on the flowers most popular in a given situation. Yet, that does not provide a complete picture of how to entertain with flowers. When decorating with blooms, keep in mind that the container matters too.

Containers for flowers are as varied as the flowers themselves. As with your blooms, you want to ensure the container matches the tone and theme of the event. You may want to stick with formal vases for formal events, while more unusual containers like mason jars, boots, or boxes can be used to complement specific themes. Feel free to get creative! The biggest limiting factor is the need for the container to hold water. You can put flowers in a dry container, but they will not last a long time. So stay away from slated boxes or holey ceramic. Otherwise, any water-holding container will do for a unique and special event decoration.

3. Place the flowers where everyone can see them.

When using flowers as decorations, they need to be seen. Science has shown that flowers can raise a person’s mood. Keeping flowers in your home at all times is a great way to receive these benefits. Their ability to relax and brighten someone’s day makes them even more important for entertaining. That means you place them in prominent locations during your event.


The exact location will, of course, vary, but there are a few common locations. Many people put table centerpieces made of flowers out when they entertain. Make sure the arrangement is not too large, so your guests can see over the table. However, this is a great location to put a sprawling and elaborate bouquet.


Other good locations for flowers during an event include tables, entryways, counters, and shelves. You want the flowers to be visible but out of the way. They shouldn’t impede your guests, but they shouldn’t be hidden either. There is a little less opportunity to be creative with flower locations. Don’t let that stop you from finding the most perfect location for your flowers, however.


Flowers as Gifts

Another way to entertain with flowers is to use them as a gift. People love receiving flowers as a gift. They are something that everyone can enjoy. When you give flowers, you don’t have to worry about finding a gift that everyone will like. You can rest easy knowing that the flowers are sure to be a hit.


If the event is to celebrate a specific person (or persons), you can give that person the gift of flowers. Here one of our subscriptions works perfectly. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly plans. A BloomsyBox subscription is a gift that keeps on giving!


What will the recipients receive? For each delivery, you will receive a specially curated bouquet, a unique box, and care instructions. Essentially, we give you all the tools you need to display your blooms and keep them looking great for as long as possible.


Depending on the event, you may want to consider using flowers as a party favor. Party favors are small gifts that thank an event’s guests for their participation. Flowers make a wonderful party favor.


You can give one flower per guest. Often, roses, baby’s breath, or tulips are used in this function. The single bloom may be part of a party favor bag or given alone. Sometimes people will gift small live plants, like succulents or orchids, as a party favor. Typically large bouquets are not seen as working well as a party favor. They may be a little too large and bulky for your guests to take home easily. But a small bouquet of tiny flowers may not go amiss.  


Where Do I Get Flowers for My Event?

Yes, we may be a little biased, but we think anyone looking for flowers should consider us here at BloomsyBox! Our flowers are the freshest around and shipped directly from the farm to your door. This ensures that the flowers are only a few days old when they are delivered to you. That is a huge change from florist flowers, which are usually a week or two old by the time you see them.


Our farms are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. Every one of our partner farms is Rainforest Alliance certified. Each flower is hand-picked after your order. While we do not guarantee that our flowers are organic, the farmers we partner with use very few pesticides. They are completely safe to have in your home.


By cutting out the middleman and working with the best farmers, we ensure beautiful and long-lasting flowers are delivered right to your door. No matter what the event, we have the flowers for you. Whether you choose to give the gift of our subscription plan or purchase a pre-made bouquet, there is something for everyone. We even offer deliveries of single types of flowers, fillers, and floral greens so that you can create your own unique bouquet.


Contact us today! Our helpful customer service agents are ready and waiting to tell you more about what BloomsyBox can do for you. Try entertaining with our flowers for your next event. You'll be happy that you did!
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