July’s almost over, August is almost here, and school supplies are on every shelf of every store--it’s officially almost Back to School time!

Along with shopping for new school shoes and buying new lunchboxes, we often use back to school time to make some positive changes to our lives. Similar to making new year resolutions around the holidays, it’s common to use this time to create new goals, implement new healthy habits, and become more organized. 

With August and September right around the corner, here are a few things that we’re trying to focus on in the new school year!

Become More Organized

This is a no-brainer--with the new school year comes crazy, chaotic mornings!

 Between dragging kids out of bed, making breakfast, packing lunches and getting everyone dressed and out the door on time, school-day mornings can become pretty darn stressful! What are some little things that can help?

  • Meal prep--try using bento-box style lunch containers and making lunches the night before. That way in the morning, everyone is good to go and you’re not rushed making lunches!
  • Keep breakfast simple--instead of making everyone different things or making something elaborate, make breakfast simple.
  • Backpacks--make sure the night before that all homework and supplies are already packed up in backpacks so you aren’t rushing around trying to find things in the morning.
  • Socks--it may sound silly, but sometimes little things like finding a matching pair of socks can hijack mornings! If you’re one of many parents who are chronically searching for that missing sock in the mornings, make life easier for yourself and only buy one type of sock so making a match is a snap.

Beautify and Organize the Home

With back to school time comes more “stuff” -- both literally and figuratively. More papers and school supplies, backpacks and water bottles, shoes and sweaters that tend to cause clutter. Then comes all the scheduling “stuff” -- the school year means more PTA meetings, soccer games, and ballet classes. Between a more cluttered house and a more cluttered mind, it’s natural that we become more stressed. However, by organizing, simplifying, and beautifying our homes, we can achieve more balance!

  • If you’re not already doing so, hang a big whiteboard calendar and at the beginning of each month and week, fill out key dates. If need be, add them to your digital calendars as well
  • Create a central mudroom type of area. If you don’t have the space, consider putting in a bench with storage/cubbies in the entryway, and hooks for jackets/bags. Somewhere that your family can come in, take off their shoes and shed their lunchboxes, backpacks and jackets.
  • Keep all paper in one place. When you are done with reading the mail, get rid of it! Paper can pile up very easily.
  • Subscribe! From meals to flowers, subscription services can not only simplify, but can add fun! Here at BloomsyBox, we send flower subscription boxes monthly, weekly and bi-weekly. Coming home to fresh flowers straight from the farm is a sure way to brighten your day--and your home!

Eat Healthier

Although it goes without saying, eating healthier is so important to leading a happier, healthier life. But, when schedules become busier and things become more chaotic during the school year, that’s harder than it seems. 

  • Plan your meals.  Spend a little more time on the weekend coming up with a comprehensive “menu” for the week for everyone--for all meals, not just dinners. What will you make for breakfast and dinner every day of the week, and exactly what do you plan on packing for lunches each day? Use websites like Pinterest for inspiration!
  • Take your time shopping. After creating your menus, split out everything you need at the store by “section” of the grocery store. Envision the layout of your favorite store, and group your shopping list by that section--dairy, produce, etc. That way your shopping list is organized for how you really shop!
  • Eat in. Although it’s really tempting, eating out a lot throughout the week can not only break the bank but lead to unhealthier diets. If cooking every single day is overwhelming to you, only look for recipes that are easy/basic and use as few ingredients and pots and pans as possible.

Become Active

Like eating healthy, we all know we should be more active, but it’s hard to actually do sometimes! 

  • Carve out just a little time during the day. If you’re exhausted from the day, try just carving out a half an hour or so for a walk or run, or put a YouTube video on and work out in the comfort of your home.
  • Work out at home. Getting to the gym can be difficult, between the time it takes to get there, work out, and get back home--possibly battling traffic along the way. If that isn’t realistic for you, just commit to working out at home--there are so many great videos and apps available these days that make working out at home a breeze!


Self-Care has become top of mind lately, and for good reason! We often forget to take care of ourselves, and how can we take care of others without that?

  • Treat yourself. Go ahead and get that dark chocolate, spend a bit more on that wine you like the best, and keep fresh flowers in your home. Things that make you happy!
  • Don’t forget the “me time”.  Attend that adult tap class, take up watercolor painting, learn to knit...having a hobby that you can devote time to will make you happier!

As you can see, back to school time is the perfect opportunity to implement some positive changes! And, don't forget the bubble bath when you're shopping for the school supplies.

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